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From Twitter, Thursday, 4-5-2012

3:14 PM - Самыми живучими существами на планете оказались вовсе не тараканы - Правда.ру pravda.ru/news/interesti…

3:18 PM - Ведущий яп. экономист о законе Гласса-Стиголла, обвиняет США и Великобританию в создании причин новой Великой депрессии worldcrisis.ru/crisis/964907

3:23 PM - Пентагон решил создать терминаторов? - Правда.ру pravda.ru/science/techno…

4:16 PM - @AmeriCammando: #Placebo - What Organized Religions Are Hiding From You youtube.com/watch?v=wivgDc…

4:17 PM - @RT_com: Dream team? Russia proposes joint anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan on.rt.com/4soj7j

4:17 PM - @Reannababy: Something is in the air today. Getting very similar messages from different people. #synchronicity 💜💛💜

4:18 PM - @1D4TW: Where are all the "Free #Libya " tweeters who used to insist, "anything is better than Gaddafi"? Ashamed? #Feb17

4:19 PM - @les_politiques: The full withdrawal will be done once #Syrian citizens are secure. #Annan is aware of that, it was stipulated in the agreement.

4:19 PM - @les_politiques: #Syria will not let a repeat of the exploitation of the observers’ mission by terrorist grps to strengthen their presence & kidnap citizens.

4:19 PM - @les_politiques: Therefore the April withdrawal will be the start of the withdrawal and not a full withdrawal. #Syria

4:19 PM - @les_politiques: #SaudiArabia refuses to receive #Annan who wants to obtain assurances from them on stopping armed groups' funding in #Syria

4:20 PM - @Xingweiinc: Jesus Never Pushed ,Anything on any one ,The Modern day church did That ,All he wanted for you to do ,Is listen :) youtube.com/watch?v=8HSDUH…

4:23 PM - @ItsDaMedia: Pro-Palestinian groups plan April 15 mass arrival in Israel haaretz.com/news/diplomacy…? #FreePalestine

4:24 PM - @Xingweiinc: If only The whole world ,could see what i see ,We are all one Family ,We should all be united world wide :) ♡ youtube.com/watch?v=Ut9jus…

4:25 PM - @Reannababy: #Spiritual #ascension #shift #Poleshift #heaven #endOfTyranny #powerToThePeople 💛

4:25 PM - @FObserver: #Syria n Army took over the command center of the so called "Farouq #FSA Brigade" in #Homs

4:26 PM - @AmeriCammando: Al Jezeera is losing ALL credibility.
RT @RT_com: Reporter: Al Jazeera told me to ignore intervention on.rt.com/ni64za

4:26 PM - @AmeriCammando: Infinite #love is the only #truth - Everything else is #Illusion

4:27 PM - @Partisangirl: Explosive Devices Go off as Terrorists were Preparing them, Kill Seven in #Damascus Countryside #Syria sana.sy/eng/337/2012/0…

7:34 PM - @syriancommando: #Turkey's pipeline from #Kirkuk via Şırnak idil has exploded and is in a raging fire. No oil for poor old Turkey. LOL. #Syria #SyriaCurse

7:34 PM - @RT_russian: Туареги, захватившие северную часть Мали, призвали мировое сообщество защитить созданное ими государство Азавад #новости

7:44 PM - @RT_russian: В России за два года предотвращено 200 терактов и изъято более 400 тонн взывчатки - Национальный антитеррористический комитет #новости

7:50 PM - @AmeriCammando: 12 Year Old Girl Discovers All #US President (except one) Are Related youtube.com/watch?v=9oYKMJ…

7:51 PM - @AmeriCammando: .@syriancommando The Real Revolution via.me/-kodh8q

7:52 PM - @burmatoff: Если бы не "ок", то что бы мы писали друг другу в смсках? "Хорошо"? "Хор"? "гут"?

7:53 PM - @burmatoff от ;)

7:53 PM - @bigpictureru: Какие химикаты мы потребляем каждый день? bigpicture.ru/?p=276954

7:53 PM - @AmeriCammando: #Libya Media Front - No #NATO Success Without Al-Jezeera (Video) youtube.com/watch?v=jcrxTb…

8:22 PM - @LandDestroyer: #Assad 2pull troops from #Syria cities unthinkable as US openly plots 2rearm/redeploy terrorists&perpetuate bloodbath landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2012/04/west-s…


8:22 PM - @RT_com: Mosque Infiltration: FBI informant on dirty spy tactics on.rt.com/uqvp1s

8:23 PM - @LandDestroyer: UNSC #China #Russia must veto ANY illegitimate UN scam 2put foreign troops into #Syria -entire conflict already grotesque imperial exercise

8:23 PM - @RT_russian: На АЭС "Пенли" во Франции остановлен реактор из-за возгорания и задымления #новости

8:24 PM - @Hatuxka: From Cynthia McKinney: The U.S. Tolerates Extra-Judicial Killings, Persecution, Racial Discrimination, and Genocide is.gd/BteACP

8:26 PM - @syriancommando: #UN session refused to hold a minute silence for martyrs and victims in #Syria upon Jaafari's request. No respect for our population. TFOO!

8:27 PM - @RT_com: Bosnia to Libya: 20 years of NATO 'peacemaking' on.rt.com/f4k2rj

8:28 PM - @syriancommando: Well, British fucks, your satellite equipment is now in our hands. What are you going to do? :) Nothing. #Syria

8:28 PM - @syriancommando: If you're wondering why they had to send military commanders to #Syria, they cannot trust "rebels" with satellite monitoring equipment #Homs

8:32 PM - @syriancommando: Nothing more disgusting than the #US condemning bombs in #Somalia while bombing Somalia with drones every week. Susan Rice is DISGUSTING.

8:32 PM - @innercitypress: To #UN GA on #Syria, #KofiAnnan asks those with influence on opposition to tell them to cease violence. #Qatar & #SaudiArabia pay the rebels

8:34 PM - @bigpictureru: Остановка от Темы Лебедева в Перми. А какая красивая была идея :( pic.twitter.com/IctSuvdI

8:34 PM - @syriancommando: #Syria-n paratroopers landed from a helicopter to two vehicles with the western illegal combatants in handcuffs&blind folds, took them away.

8:38 PM - @syriancommando: My congratulations to #Russia for being an unreliable partner.

8:38 PM - @syriancommando: There was no need for the presidential statement with a deadline. #Russia one day says no deadline, next day breaks its word. Pathetic.

8:38 PM - @Soldatovich: So... the Russian leadership is weak. Now it's up to regional powers (Iran/Syria) to be proactive. Otherwise, you have lost.

8:39 PM - @syriancommando: If you want to blame someone for #WW3, you will have to blame #Lavrov and #Medvedev. #Syria WILL defend its sovereignty.

8:40 PM - @RT_com: Keiser Report: Angel Dust for Ponzi-Addicts (E271) on.rt.com/bjb5sf @KeiserReport @stacyherbert

8:40 PM - @ahmadalissa: Dr. Hassan Hamadi to ANB: The Arabs are objects not subject. Syria is the only regime still independent. This is why they want its head.

8:40 PM - @360CNN: US/Israel has shifted from 'No Nuclear Weapons' demand to ABSURD 'No Nuclear Energy' demand making it impossible for #Iran to comply

8:42 PM - @Diana_82_: Leaked Emails Show US Private Security Firm Engage In Syria’s “Regime Change” 4thmedia.org/2012/04/05/lea…

10:56 PM - @LindaJuniper: It's sunny day in #Latakia #Syria & Syrians are enjoying themselves unlike what AJE, CNN, or BBC show. Life is normal. http://t.co/AD4jJq6O

10:57 PM - @abdallahhajaig: #Turkey excluded from #Iran's nuclear talks as the Iranian's asked #Iraq to host the 5+1 nuclear talks.

10:57 PM - @cordeliers: Assassination by #drones is clear violation of international law counterpunch.org/2012/04/05/ass…

11:04 PM - @Soldatovich: Dear Syrian government: words never spoken may be the strongest resounding. But actions threatened but then not done are pathetic.

11:05 PM - @ZeinakhodrAljaz: #annan : #syria govt has written to me stating that armed groups continue to assault and attack Government forces, civilians and property.

11:05 PM - @Aziza23: Of course, as the #Syria army does withdraw from areas, the "activist" spin machine will still go on & on & on. Need credible #UN monitors.

11:06 PM - @MKERone: They ask #Syria to withdraw its army fm its own land. Why don't they ask israHell to withdraw fm foreign land instead ? #DoubleStandard

11:06 PM - @Reemo_xo: Worst thing the government has done during the crisis: agreeing to withdraw troops from cities.

11:06 PM - @TodayRussia: Tons of radioactive water spill from Fukushima nuclear plant bit.ly/HSnNum

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From Twitter, Monday, 4-2-2012

6:32 PM - @MFA_Russia: The Friends of #Syria statements concerning direct (including military) support of external opposition contradict peace settlement goals

6:32 PM - @Iraqi_Daisy90: The fact that the world is finally starting to awaken from the fake irrational dreams and false news is a great sign. youtube.com/watch?feature=…

6:33 PM - @Reannababy: Anyone who knows of Anyone who have a #missingPerson. Let me know. I have helped police with this successfully. it's free of course.

6:34 PM - @Cathastrophe: Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. -- Margaret Mead

6:35 PM - @Reannababy: Beware of false awakening. Those who say they are enlightened yet act very egoic are awakened by false spirits. #Spiritual #ascension 🌟🙏

6:38 PM - @Reannababy: @nailingitdown if everyone knew just how wonderful life is when you're truly at ONE with Source. Heaven on earth. It's so easy too.

6:38 PM - @Reannababy: @nailingitdown yip. We were supposed to live of the land and cooperate with each other. This is before man got his ego. #deception

8:08 PM - @thesyriangirl: “@Syrian_Youths_E: #RealSyria: Students from #Homs thank the Syrian Soliders. Really touching.

R.B fb.me/15HQnAHg8

8:08 PM - @Reemo_xo: I swear the Syrian Arab Army have been to nice with the FSA. Forget the FSA just kill them with whatever you like, they're getting too brave

8:08 PM - @syriancommando: #NATO sabotages a #Russia-n airplane => #Lavrov says #Syria should pull out troops first (without a deadline). Grow some balls Russia!

8:08 PM - @AmeriCammando: Mass Arrests 3.0 The Money Changers #fulford #nwo #OWS #ethersec #Anonymous eclinik.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/mas…

8:09 PM - @iAsteria: it's interesting how #Qatar these days is involved directly in every conflict in the region...this will end soon. #GCC #ArabSpring

8:11 PM - @youkaan: The biggest mistake the Arab League did was 2 expel #Syria from the org. w/o listening their side of the story. @SyrianKnight, @BBCWorld

8:11 PM - @youkaan: @BBCWorld This 'broad daylight robbery' will not succeed. Go back 2 your countries & leave the Syrian people alone.Shameless! @SyrianKnight

8:11 PM - @CustosDivini: Destabilizing Arsenals Concealed in US Embassies? tiwy.com/news.phtml?id=… #SouthAmerica #armscontrol #news

8:14 PM - @abdallahhajaig: The #FSA wants to invade #Lebanon!! Bitches plsssss!!!
Guys,some1 tell em we practically fucked their elder brother/boss, the #IDF. Pls come

8:14 PM - @jeanassy: The "Free Syrian Army" wants to invade #Lebanon wouhahaha. Please do it, we'll be happy to turn you into "rotten corpses army"!! #Syria

8:14 PM - @ZeinakhodrAljaz: #Russia rejects calls for a deadline to be set on the #Syria govt implementation of #Annan peace plan

8:14 PM - @abdallahhajaig: #FSA To Hell... Soon.
#Qatar pic.twitter.com/kzS8clyq

8:15 PM - @FObserver: Novosti:Russian guard warship on its way to #Syria

8:15 PM - @Amani_Lebanon: ''Friends of #Syria'' want the destruction of the real friends of #Palestine.

8:15 PM - @ITARTASSnews_en: Three gunmen from Turkish mercenary's group killed in Dagestan bit.ly/HMRifj

8:17 PM - @abdallahhajaig: The #Lebanese Army is doing a great job in tightening border security w/#Syria preventing arms and terrorist smuggling.More need to b done!

8:19 PM - @syriancommando: #Lavrov: If you really loved the #Syria-n people, you wouldn't ask the armies to pull out before the terrorists do. What is wrong with oyu?

8:19 PM - #Russia RT @syriancommando: #Lavrov: If you really loved the #Syria-n people, you wouldn't ask the (cont) tl.gd/gp5lad

8:21 PM - @RT_com: Two delegations, which represent different Syrian opposition forces to visit Moscow soon - Lavrov #news

10:18 PM - @RT_com: Goldman Sachs: sex trafficker? on.rt.com/m9zrf9

10:24 PM - @not_what: "What do we want?" "Sharia Law!" "When do we want it?" "Right now Inshallah! TAKBEEEER"

10:25 PM - @not_what заткнись уже, пасть порвешь !

10:26 PM - @Soldatovich: S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems will be deployed in Russia’s Far East before the end of the year... en.rian.ru/mlitary_news/2…

10:33 PM - @RT_com: Faster, higher, deadlier: US plans nuclear drones on.rt.com/2kfwwy

10:36 PM - @Alfalfalalfa: @Reannababy Perfect timing. I was just reading through this eclecticenergies.com/chakras/open.p…

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From Twitter, Saturday, 3-31-2012

5:44 PM - @RT_russian: У берегов Филиппин круизный лайнер в результате пожара лег в дрейф, на борту около тысячи человек #новости

10:47 PM - @InjusticeFacts: Saudi Arabia buys $45 billion worth of state of the art weapons from the U.S. each year, but a woman can still be stoned to death there.

10:47 PM - @RogerBezanis: Cancer is believed terrible & rare. It's terrible but not rare. It is called cancer yet it should be called induced toxicity, which it is.

10:48 PM - Let's roll ! RT @syriancommando: Sometimes to beat monsters you have to become the bigger monster. #Syria #Iran #GCC #israel #WW3 #WMD

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From Twitter, Thursday, 3-29-2012

11:22 PM - @RT_russian: Британский премьер Дэвид Кэмерон вслед за президентом РФ решил поучаствовать в популяризации бадминтона #новости

11:23 PM - @RT_com: 5-times size of Earth: Giant solar tornado caught in rare NASA tape (VIDEO) on.rt.com/tknvu5

6:48 PM - Надоела такая весна! Хочется солнца, тепла, голубого и синего неба над головой. И ветра с шумом листвы вечером. Зима уходи. #Moscow

9:06 PM - @syriancommando: #Palestinian hero climbs the apartheid walls. pic.twitter.com/CEI8lXAq

9:09 PM - @RT_com: (VIDEO) Israeli police water-cannon, tear-gas Palestinians on Land Day on.rt.com/e14n6l

9:10 PM - @maxkeiser: UK queen accused of drug trafficking maxkeiser.com/2012/03/30/kno…

9:10 PM - @maxkeiser: Watch this and prosper! Keiser Report: Muppets Hunting Muppets (E268): youtu.be/ivh3RDRFffI via @youtube

9:12 PM - @Reemo_xo: I've had Hafez Al Assad's (RIP) speech about the Muslim Brotherhood & how they kill in the name of Islam in my head alll day.

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: Most peaceful rev in the Arab world happened in #Bahrain, yet their people and even houses are being attacked with poison gas.

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: We don't understand the focus away from #Bahrain, although they are completely peaceful and include a clear majority there.

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: Today also happens to be significant to #Palestine cause. #Israel is peaking its aggression on AlQuds and its people. #Lebanon

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: We say to our enemies, do what you will, you'll never erase our existence. #Palestine #Gaza #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: All Islamic sects agree on the importance of building mosques and religious centers. This project is part of this duty. #Lebanon

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: The location of this project in #Lebanon is significant to #Israel, for it was a major target in 2006 #JulyWar. #Palestine

9:18 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: #Israel wanted to punish this area and its neighbours by destroying it completely. But #Hezbollah is making a point today.

9:19 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: This compound is different than others, because it's dedicated for prayer. It's the best response to #Israel's aggression.

9:19 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: Some in #Lebanon are still placing stupid bets, which they lost before and will lose again. I tell you to quit it and calm down.

9:20 PM - @er_duma: Бурматов (@burmatoff): Без закона о контроле расходов госчиновника борьба с коррупцией немыслима er-duma.ru/press/52467

9:20 PM - @nsnbc: NATO´s lost battle in Homs, UN´s Six Point Plan and the continuation of the Subversion. wp.me/p1sRhy-2cz via @wordpressdotcom

9:21 PM - @bigpictureru: Аж вспотел :) pic.twitter.com/9riIfyut

9:21 PM - @VorobievAndrey: Президент внес законопроект о контроле за доходами и расходами госчиновников, будем обсуждать и принимать в весенней сессии!

9:22 PM - @syriancommando: Owner of the terrorist "Bab Sbaa network" on #Facebook has been arrested in #Homs. #Syria #BabSbaa

9:23 PM - @dylan_johnsons: As Britain supposedly laments #Syria-ns it sold over £1m worth of rifles & military equipment to the #Bahrain-i regime to quell the revo.

9:24 PM - @syriancommando: "Don't mind me, I'm just a zionist watch tower that was just molotov cocktail'd by the Palestinian resistance" http://t.co/opKIvPbU

9:24 PM - @ItsDaMedia: China, Russia plan naval war exercises navytimes.com/news/2012/03/a… FM!!!

9:25 PM - @_TeaMp0isoN: @virus there was also a custom image upload site on the same box along with a another forum, u clearly dont know what your on about.

9:41 PM - @bigpictureru: Китайский деликатес – яйца, сваренные в моче девственников bigpicture.ru/?p=275808

9:46 PM - @maxkeiser: The fundamentals for buying Gold have not appeared yet (markets are a discounting mechanism). Love getting paid 20% a year to wait.

9:48 PM - @KremlinRussia_E: Dmitry Medvedev has submitted to the State Duma a draft law on monitoring that state officials’ spending corresponds to their incomes

9:49 PM - @burmatoff: Вам, любители трэша - видео нашего вчерашнего бодрого эфира на РСН vk.cc/ERJoE

9:49 PM - @Partisangirl: Why not help #UK people with jobs?! “@RT_com: UK to help Syrian opposition unite against Assad with £500,000 rt.com/news/uk-assiss… #Syria

9:49 PM - @Libya_SOS: #Libya TRIPOLIS GREEN GIRLS -GET SWORD OF REVENGE !!!!! 29/03/2012
Tripolis girls from resistence said, to rats... fb.me/1dDjWA0cU

9:50 PM - @PravdaRu: Астахов: детоубийцы должны расплачиваться жизнью: Уполномоченный при президенте РФ по правам ребенка Павел Астах... bit.ly/HplUl4

9:53 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: They are tearing #Libya apart!! #Derna is Dying & #Sebha is bleeding - yet some people are still yelling #Feb17

10:03 PM - @smartknowledgeu: Nearly 70% of Irish households refuse to pay banker property tax as deadline looms. Please RT, show #SOLIDARITY w/Irish bit.ly/H3S0aR

10:03 PM - @smartknowledgeu: Irish govt has threatened 2 cut off electricity or auto deduct from 70% who refuse 2 pay bankster tax. Please RT. #SOLIDARITY #ArrestBankers

10:03 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: #Misurata field leader executed in #Sebha City center infront of Entire town - shoot to the head, clear message to #Misurata rebels #libya

10:04 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi bash the dirty rats!

10:05 PM - @RT_com: Bankers, grannies & cocaine on.rt.com/1ecre6 @maxkeiser @stacyherbert

10:06 PM - @PravdaRu: Дагестан взял плохой пример с Чечни: 23 марта в Буйнакске был взорван имам мечети и его охранник, прибывшие на у... bit.ly/HtkeZ8

10:07 PM - @RT_russian: Из резиденции посла Марокко в России похищены драгоценности его супруги на $500 тыс. #новости

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From Twitter, Sunday, 3-25-2012

12:32 AM - @twiter_APXUB: Мой дед был танкистом, я нашел его фотографии рядом с Т-34 на этом сайте: goo.gl/GezN8

5:06 AM - @CEKC_TV: Мне кажется на это можно смотреть вечно... девочку с красивой попкой жестко трахают 5 качков, а потом кончают ей в рот goo.gl/Lp3NS

5:26 AM - @twins_twiter: Фотография двойника Галкина с мужчиной в ванной взорвала интернет, а как может тебя подставить твой двойник? Узнай тут goo.gl/BfXIe

6:34 AM - @_CMEPTb: Если ты не изменишь свой образ жизни, я приду за тобой совсем скоро, в субботу, 28 апреля 20##... goo.gl/fsN75

12:37 PM - @globa_2012: Нас ждёт всплеск терроризма и экономический кризис на фоне возрастающей политической нестабильности, запретный гороскоп mailgoroskop.ru

3:06 PM - @elen_malisheva: Похудение без изнурительного голодания. Можно ли худеть питаясь в Макдональсе? От каких продуктов вы толстеете? Всё тут dieta-lolity.ru

4:17 PM - @twit_zrenie: Вы проводите за монитором в среднем 6 часов 47 минут в день, вероятность потери зрения составляет 23%, проверьтесь тут: zreniya-proverka.ru

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From Twitter, Thursday, 3-22-2012

9:13 AM - @PravdaRu: Исламисты против алавитского режима Сирии: Запад упрекает Башара Асада в том, что его режим недемократичный: у в... bit.ly/GK0lA6

9:15 AM - @3arabiSouri: Despite everything, the plan continues:
“US Senate pushes measure condemning Kony bit.ly/GEZh9S.
Save #Uganda from #NATO

9:16 AM - @3arabiSouri: I heard news that #EU observers won't monitor #France elections?!
Hope this is not true for the sake of transparency. French deserve better

10:46 AM - @LardOfTheRings: Hillary Should Be Left In Full Combat Gear At Homs For 24 Hours First: RT @frogsarelovely: War (cont) tl.gd/gi9uu0

10:47 AM - @syriancommando: Tonight, the #CIA's role in the war of attrition against #Syria will be finally revealed.

10:48 AM - @KingEliii10: #FSA thinks that they can change our minds about supportin Bashar by killin Christians in #Homs we will never change our hearts #Syria #Homs

10:51 AM - @syriancommando: Fuck the Arabs and Pan-Arabism. Greeks are amongst our real brothers: How they welcomed #israel youtube.com/watch?v=m-u-dg… #FreePalestine

10:53 AM - @syriancommando: Vatican: Armed groups affiliated with #AlQaeda carrying out ethnic cleansing of Christians in #Homs sana.sy/eng/22/2012/03… #Syria

5:06 PM - @AmeriCammando: We are ALL human. #ThatIsAll

6:55 PM - They didn't want him to live in the name of Sarkozi. He could say something nasty @RT_com: Latest: (cont) tl.gd/gijrga

7:05 PM - Fckit RT @burmatoff: Сторонники Pussy Riot пройдут маршем по монорельсу.

9:48 PM - @twit_zrenie: Судя по нашим данным, вы проводите за монитором без перерывов в среднем 7 часoв 27 минут в день, проверьте своё зрение. konstruktor-dieti.ru

10:00 PM - @RT_com: Marine charged for criticizing Obama on.rt.com/b6epay

10:00 PM - @PravdaRu: В России от лишнего веса страдают даже грудные дети: В России лишний вес имеют 50 процентов женщин и 30 проценто... bit.ly/GMkrK0

10:00 PM - @IvushkinN: Бурматов(@burmatoff): Переход к системе округов приблизит депутатов к избирателям. er.ru/news/2012/3/22…

10:00 PM - @maxkeiser: Video | I mimic Tony Blair getting ass-raped by Saudi Prince Bandar in this news clip on Press TV maxkeiser.com/2012/03/22/osb…

10:01 PM - @RT_com: Search and destroy: Military tries to delete Staff Sgt. Bales from Web on.rt.com/5edhvg

10:03 PM - @Syrian_Youths_E: #RealSyria| #Syria| #Homs: 4 terrorists killed in Nazhin. 2 carry the Libyan nationality.



10:04 PM - @3arabiSouri: #Obama

A small comparison between two freaks from #NATO and a leader from #Russia pic.twitter.com/8pwQkOwj

10:05 PM - @stopimperialism: IAEA chief accused of pro-Western bias. Of course,agency is used by US-UK imperialists to build case for war with Iran. guardian.co.uk/world/2012/mar…

10:05 PM - @RT_com: Artist taps power of water to raise eco-awareness on.rt.com/80i7sw

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From Twitter, Thursday, 3-15-2012

12:06 AM - @Mugskoj: Если ты не голубой, жми РЕТВИТ само собой sexmamba.us
ну, а если голубой сайтик вот тебе другой gaymamba.ru время секса.=)

7:16 PM - @adil_naji: The puppet Kings fear #Syria because history repeats.. The army that freed #Jerusalem in the past was from #Damascus..

7:17 PM - @zerohedge: Obama to China: please buy our oil at firesale prices. I have a reelection to win

9:57 PM - @RT_com: Saudi Arabia begins relief operation for Syrian refugees in 3 states on.rt.com/2e10fo

9:59 PM - @Zentensity: #Nasrallah: Weapons of #Hezbollah are more important to some politicians in #Lebanon than poisoned food and deteriorating security situation

10:00 PM - @CustosDivini: Three S-300 anti-aircraft missile divisions will join the Russian Air Force in 2012 newsmeeting.com/en/n/2653985-s… #military #news

10:01 PM - @Sandy_Madridsta: Just arrived home...WOW what a wonderful day, no words 2 describe it. More than 2,5 million were at Al Umayyad Square. http://t.co/xN3anilT

10:01 PM - @RagDuh: Hamad on my shoe!! Happy 1 year anniversary of failed attempts at destroying #Syria ya Khara!! pic.twitter.com/FQNckP7r

10:06 PM - @MFA_Russia @syriancommando stop heroin traffic in fskn sake. Crack nato bastards

10:09 PM - @electradiffusa: Must see : box.com/shared/i0tn80h… via @_Witness_Of #LIBYA #NATO #WARCRIMES

10:09 PM - @RT_russian: Движение "Талибан" объявило о приостановке всех мирных переговоров с США #новости

10:09 PM - @RT_com: US threatens India over Iran oil on.rt.com/h1o9xs

10:09 PM - @thisdayinsyria: 15 Mar 1970: Israeli commandos bomb electric power station near Damascus in retaliation to attacks on Golan by Palestinian guerrillas #Syria

10:09 PM - @RT_com: French police fire tear gas at steelworkers trying to force their way toward headquarters of President Sarkozy's re-election campaign

10:10 PM - @frontpage9: #Stratfor on Google's role: "Might be the best thing to happen to expose GOOGLE’s covert role in foaming up-risings." english.al-akhbar.com/content/stratf…

10:10 PM - @SaintJust88: #Syria-n special forces arrest several terrorists who are linked with the grizzly massacre in Karm al-Zaitoun (#Homs ). #AlgeriaISP

10:11 PM - @marwaa410: As I am speaking with friends and family in #Syria today, I have noticed that this is the happiest they've sounded in a year! Celebrate!

10:11 PM - @Syrian_oo: Unpopular Revo with millions of $$ support, international political pressures, sanctions and uninterrupted media campaign has failed. #Syria

10:11 PM - @syriancommando: #Dubai police chief calls on the gulf not to support the #MB in #Syria -- also to diversify interests to #Russia/#China shamtimes.net/news_de.php?Pa…

10:11 PM - @syriancommando: "Imagine if they called it a revolution and no one came to participate" #Syria

10:12 PM - @Zentensity: Good old magic trick. Switch to AlJazeera and watch the majority in Bahrain and Syria disappear.

10:12 PM - @syriancommando: #BBC has its head in the sand. Instead of showing the mass rallies in #Syria, they're showing x-rays from traitors lol.

10:12 PM - Good old magic trick. Switch to AlJazeera and watch the majority in Bahrain and Syria disappear.

10:13 PM - @RT_russian: Россияне в этом году будут отдыхать с 6 по 9 мая включительно, 5 и 12 мая будут рабочими днями - Путин #новости

10:13 PM - @voice_of_true: @syriancommando We'll win. All russian people are support Syria. With best regards. :)

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From Twitter, Monday, 2-27-2012

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8:37 AM - @Ashleyklennon: @JabaliLibya "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." #ThatIsAll @marwaa410

8:37 AM - @Planetunited: @J4LYN @nubspeace @ashleyklennon Whenever we fight for ourselves we inevitably make it selfish. Focus on future generations. #Love

8:38 AM - @J4LYN: @Planetunited @nubspeace @Ashleyklennon Not for ourselves so much but yes, my god, ..for the children we MUST fight.

8:38 AM - @Planetunited: #Unite for the children. #Love “@nubspeace: @J4LYN @Ashleyklennon @Planetunited <3 twitpic.com/8pn95a

9:42 AM - @counterplot: Icke - Putin: Who Gave NATO Right to Kill Gaddafi? bit.ly/xDtRPd #newworldorder #nwo

9:43 AM - @Ashleyklennon: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix

9:44 AM - @Ashleyklennon: #Wikileaks #Al-Jazeera Chief Linked to the #CIA
#syria #ows #nwo #anonymous

9:45 AM - @Ashleyklennon: Stop signing petitions, stop reading emails, stand up and say WE ARE HUMAN AND WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE! #anonymous #ows

9:49 AM - @Ashleyklennon I have always thought that way ;) too much confusion through hypocrisy

12:39 PM - The article on Syria goo.gl/gvx6c #Syria @syriancommando

5:54 PM - @badblond: The same individuals who were complicit in butchering 100 of 1000`s of people during the last 10 years,care about Syria & Libya.....

5:56 PM - @ThomasRHart: Fact: USA #Supreme #Court will most likely decide today #corporations are not liable for #human #rights violations. You know, like a #person

5:59 PM - @Anonymously37: I see more anons dressed up as sheep, then sheep dressed up as anon.

6:07 PM - @InjusticeFacts: Cost of deploying one U.S. soldier for one year in Iraq, $390,000, enough to feed 10 struggling families in the U.S. for a year.

6:13 PM - @Dputamadre: The Hijacking of Libya, an eBeefs documentary ebeefs.com/beefs/the-hija… #Libya ##Gaddafi #eBeefs #Doc #Film #Movie #Documentary #Saif

6:13 PM - @vroom3333: Green resistance moving towards Al-Kufra. This isn't an invasion by people from Chad like NTC says. youtube.com/watch?v=Ud8qgG…

6:24 PM - @PLF2012: 150,000 Iraq citizens slaughtered, 15,000 Afghan civilians massacred, 1 MILLION innocents killed in Vietnam. USA gov YOU are the Terrorists.

8:59 PM - @RT_com: Spanish police arrest 4 hackers allied to Internet hacking group #Anonymous #news

8:59 PM - @RT_com: Google's new privacy policy appears to
violate EU data protection rules - French regulator #news

9:00 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: Its a honor for me to write 2 alternate endings for the ' october 20 ' movie, i wont let you down i promise #Libya

9:00 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: I will be working with saddams son double - Latif yehia, He will contribute to the Gaddafi assassination movie - #Libya

9:01 PM - @akbarkan: Sirte was bombed from land, air & sea for days. Many perished. Those who now scream about Homs welcomed Sirte. Where is moral consistency?

9:03 PM - @iAsteria: As #EU imposes more sanctions on #Syria, their justifications are getting more absurd, you're only punishing the people not the regime.

9:12 PM - @RT_com: California GOP convention occupied by Ron Paul supporters on.rt.com/8easlc

9:38 PM - @HeartPowered: FYI @haloefekti USTreasurySecretary TimothyGeithner arrested,questioned&released; Asian negotiations continue eclinik.wordpress.com/vital-issues/b… #Fulford

9:47 PM - biiryx.ghwopcxnrabota.ru/cat12/investba… \инвестбанк вакансии и анкеты сотрудников

9:48 PM - biiryx.ghwopcxnrabota.ru/cat11/rabota-v… \работа в калининграде новее вакансии с 25.03.09

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From Twitter, Thursday, 2-16-2012

7:33 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: "Walk with God - walk forward & If your Enemy stabs you in the back, You are walking in the right direction" khamis Gaddafi #32Brigade

7:33 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: "When anger rises, think of the consequences." - Gen: A-Younes"

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From Twitter, Tuesday, 2-14-2012

7:36 PM - @SaintJust88: Anti-Assadists in #Syria burn the #Algeria-n flag: youtube.com/watch?v=AUmEHH… You prefer "le drapeau tricolore" of your "sponsors", am I right?

7:36 PM - @RT_com: 'Lay down your arms!' Anonymous attacks US tear-gas maker on.rt.com/k4r1j2 #news

7:36 PM - @RT_com: US ‘unreasonably cruel’ in #OWS crackdown on.rt.com/holb1v

7:36 PM - @RT_com: Arab Swing: 'Saudis & Qatar in rush to please US' on.rt.com/40a797

10:02 PM - No rest for the wicked yfrog.com/h6o1bjgj

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From Twitter, Tuesday, 1-31-2012

9:10 AM - @syriancommando: #WashingtonRumour #Obama wounded by grenade thrown into white house. First lady fails to flee Washington DC airport, occupied by #OWS.

9:13 AM - @Libya_SOS: I ask #Libya #Misrata #bandits WHY? #NTC #news #breaking fb.me/1lNZ1YISx

9:13 AM - @syriancommando: ex-#CIA agent exposes how Al Qaeda doesn't even exist youtube.com/watch?v=GARE6N…

9:14 AM - @syriancommando: "[America is] accustomed to making the Middle East a field for their foolishness and failing experiments"

9:16 AM - @RT_com: #Occupy #Oakland: Cops bend law in brutal arrest wave on.rt.com/yh8dtt #news #OO #OWS

9:16 AM - @syriancommando: LOL! Some Afghanis caught in #Hama thought they were fighting in #Gaza against the #israel-is. No, you were fighting the #Syria-n army idiot

9:19 AM - @syriancommando: Your fake revolution has failed and now you will die for your attempt. #Syria

9:19 AM - @syriancommando: America is not going to save you. Your israeli arms are not going to save you. Crying is not going to save you. Die terrorists. #Syria

9:19 AM - @syriancommando: OK back to work :P

9:19 AM - @No2Sectarianism: The “Jihadist” is a person who uses a knife to slaughter an entire family including children bit.ly/yYphZ2 #Syria #UK #USA #Australia

5:45 PM - @No2Sectarianism: What kind of retarded "God" that would ask you to slaughter children <1 year old? youtu.be/1CROMQoqxnE Clean #Syria from the Islamists.

5:51 PM - @syriancommando: #Homs: 140 armed terrorists killed in Baba Amro, Khaldieh, Qser and Jib Al Jandali. #Syria

5:51 PM - @syriancommando: #Afghan and #Libya-n terrorists on the raod to #Lattakia have been arrested by security forces along with $1 million and #israel-i rifles.

5:53 PM - @RT_com: Destination Persian Gulf? US nuclear sub and destroyer enter Red Sea on.rt.com/qtq968

5:53 PM - @RT_russian: Обама впервые признал, что удары по талибам в Пакистане наносят американские беспилотники #новости

6:00 PM - @syriancommando: Victims of the Muslim Broterhood in #Homs, an entire family: Mohamed AlMohamed, mother: Ibtissam Khodr,kids: Amjad, Tahyat, Asinat &Ibtissam

6:00 PM - @Syrian_Youths_E: Evidence about the hypocrisy of the Muslim Brotherhood, killing an entire family in Homs!

They shot the... fb.me/12kX1jt6V

6:03 PM - @Hatuxka: CIA IS RUNNING LIBYA is.gd/sBYI1k Salim Elhassi, just arrived straight from US on the CIA payroll, now head of LIBYAN INTELLIGENCE!

6:17 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: People are becoming sick because Water is poisoned after countless Airstrikes on it. many people went blind due to the water.

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From Twitter, Monday, 1-30-2012

9:12 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Green flags flying in Baniwalid. People are prepared to defend their rights and freedom from NTC alqaeda and NATO occupation

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From Twitter, Monday, 1-23-2012

8:41 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Mass media lied for months and months about Support for NTC..Now they need to start spinning fast again things don't look good

8:42 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Abd jalil is critically Injured during the protests against NTC..Abd jalil has been Taken away by Ambulance after a clashes

8:43 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: @syriancommando remember brother..i told you long time ago that Saudi/NATO erdogan alliance... if it fails then Saudi kings are in trouble

8:44 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: @syriancommando Saudi Kings are NATO slaves for ages.. do not know how to think independently..Last king that did was assassinated quickly

8:45 AM - @PoshBirdGabi: #LIBYA: MAJOR HUMANITARIAN AGENCIES INVOLVED IN HORRIFIC SCANDAL... libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/major-… @addthis #cdnpoli #uspoli #auspol #feb16 #feb17

7:10 PM - @RT_russian хватит врать может?

7:17 PM - @maxkeiser: Check out this project on PMF! Rothschild : The Movie piratemyfilm.com/projects/151 via @piratemyfilm

7:18 PM - @JamesGRickards: Francois Hollande begins campaign for President of #France. "I will reveal who is my opponent....My enemy is the world of finance."

7:18 PM - @MFinoshina_RT: Anti-#SCAF demonstration march towards Parliament building. #Egypt #Cairo pic.twitter.com/Eum8F1Vu

7:21 PM - @RT_russian: Военные корабли Британии, США и Франции прошли через Ормузский пролив #новости

7:24 PM - @RT_com: EU toughens sanctions on Syria on.rt.com/ewnvre

7:24 PM - @RT_com: BREAKING: EU adopts oil embargo on Iran on.rt.com/jiydex #news

7:35 PM - @syriancommando: Intel report: Large amount of money smuggled into #Tripoli and #Istanbul into fake/shell companies to fund terrorism in #Syria.

7:35 PM - @RT_russian: Лондон грозит Шотландии: "Если отделитесь - никакой больше бесплатной рекламы виски по всему миру"

7:42 PM - @syriancommando: Turkish newspaper headline: 42 of #Turkey's intel officers captured in #Syria (raised to 49 now) facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…

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From Twitter, Friday, 1-20-2012

8:23 AM - @maxkeiser: Copyright extensions are like spiking cigarettes with extra nicotine, knowing you're causing internet-cancer in millions of consumers.

8:23 AM - @maxkeiser: People should avoid copyrighted internet-cancer causing IP and stick with creativecommons.org alternatives.

8:26 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Benghazi many homes on fire as rebels and mercenaries crack down on Homes suspected of Green support.

8:27 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Internet: hardly imagine how the Internet is already censored..untill you use Google images and find nothing that may harm NATO

8:30 AM - @BBCNews: File-sharing site MegaUpload shut down by US prosecutors; site founder charged with violating piracy laws bbc.in/wmok2r

8:31 AM - @ovirt: Fedora 17 to come with Gimp 2.8, KDE 4.8, oVirt and GCC 4.7 bit.ly/zCUi4d #ovirt

1:54 PM - @iRevolt: 1,300 Iranian students have switched their majors to nuclear sciences following the assassination of a top nuclear expert in Iran.

1:55 PM - @LindaJuniper: #AlJazeera the uncritical propaganda arm of"Syrian rebels". All of those working for it should be tried 4 the blood they helped shed. #Syria

1:55 PM - @3nbousi: Obama names his world leader best buddies! ... Erdogan is one of them thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/01/ @Hey_Joud @Syriana84

1:55 PM - @RT_com: Anonymous launches largest attack ever, crippling government and music industry sites on.rt.com/p5hurd #OpMegaupload

1:57 PM - @les_politiques: In 2006, #Russia-ns accused #UK of planting a spying 'rock' in Moscou & were mocked.Guess what?The device was genuine. telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews…

1:57 PM - @RT_com: NEWS ALERT: Anonymous takes down FBI, DoJ and music industry websites on.rt.com/p5hurd #megaupload

6:42 PM - @syriancommando: Child rapist Haytham Manaa's "Coordinating *tfoo* Committee" calls for the Arab legions to invade #Syria. CC: @Syriana84

6:46 PM - @syriancommando: No doubt the terrorists who broke the law this time will be given amnesty once again. Then a second time, after they kill 5 soldiers. #Syria

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From Twitter, Thursday, 1-19-2012

7:12 AM - @maxkeiser: Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell.

7:14 AM - @IrinaGalushkoRT: Где это слыхано, чтобы гос. радиокомпания пропагандировала интересы другого гос-ва? #Путин про #ЭхоМск

7:20 AM - @AnnaChertova: Путин продолжит публикацию серии статей, в которых изложит свою систему взглядов

7:23 AM - @DinaraTok_RT: Представитель Википедии у нас в эфире: скандальный законопроект дает правительству США полномочия закрыть любой сайт, если они того пожелают

8:30 AM - @maxkeiser: #fuckhollywood Get your films financed on legal piracy site PirateMyfilm.com - uses crowd funding and CreativeCommons

6:29 PM - @Zinvor: Al Jazeera's coverage of faraway #Russia politics has increased tenfold recently while next door neighbour #Bahrain gets next to nothing.

6:29 PM - @syriancommando: Unlike what was said by black #BBC propoganda, #Russia never said it can't stop "intervention" -- it said unilateral moves are a red line.

6:29 PM - @syriancommando: Meanwhile, the zionist western media maintains that #Zabadani is under "ceasefire" when in reality, the clean up operation is complete.

6:31 PM - Забавно RT @syriancommando: People in #Syria quit watching #AlJazeera so they started lying on #AlJazeera Sport instead!!!

6:34 PM - @ghads31: BBC News - Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi bbc.in/ydo6QM Is this happening in Syria? Organised terrorism..

6:37 PM - @allawati: Dubai's police chief Dahi Khalfan reportedly said in Manama conference yst that US is no1 threat to Gulf security; US ambassador walked out

6:37 PM - @ozyism: BBC openly admits now that UK soldiers were on the ground, now that Libya has already been destroyed | #Libya #NATO #Terrorism @UN #RT

6:37 PM - @LandDestroyer: US simultaneously defending #Syria opp as unarmed protesters, yet hailing claims of military achievements by armed militants!?

6:39 PM - @syrian_yasmin: I still think #Syria is safer than the US. Leave us alone, Obama.

6:39 PM - Сися и пися/ ;) RT @RT_com: #SOPA and #PIPA to blacklist the #internet? [VIDEO] on.rt.com/1e13dr @declanm

7:09 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Heaving fighting in Brega and Ras lanuf.. Green resistance entered both cities to fight against NATO occupying libyan oil

7:10 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: heavy fighting in Tripoli alot of clashes around Port and Southern parts of the city of Tripoli.

7:10 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report World: NTC embassy has been attacked in Tunisia after Rebel fighters were not paid for treatment.. they called for the end of NTC

7:11 PM - @Mezasuns: @SomaliaSupport2 The ugly face of UK in Libya. Officially.
As if being not humans.

7:12 PM - @PravdaRu: Facebook создал и промоутирует фейковую страницу Владимира Путина. С какой целью? marina-yudenich.livejournal.com/714370.html #Россия #новости

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From Twitter, Wednesday, 1-18-2012

6:33 PM - @bigpictureru: Сегодня годовщина! Эхо блокады Ленинграда: bigpicture.ru/?p=248506

6:33 PM - @RT_com: Drones under fire from Pakistan’s angry tribesmen bit.ly/waORww

6:42 PM - @maxkeiser: Any producers looking to raise 100K for a film - if you produce it - I can get you the money via my piratemyfilm.com funding market

6:44 PM - @RT_com: US refusal to lift Jackson–Vanik amendment might prompt Russia to refuse to comply with some of its WTO commitments - Russia's FM Lavrov

6:48 PM - @events_ru: [18 января 1943] Прорвана блокада Ленинграда

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From Twitter, Monday, 1-16-2012

8:16 AM - @Hey_Joud: More propaganda from the #Syria-n opposition. Lies = COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY

8:16 AM - @syriancommando: #Aleppo explosion was very small, minimal damages. They just want to terrorise people. #Syria

8:17 AM - @CustosDivini: Vadim Koval: Topol-M intercontinental ballistic #missiles are to be replaced with an advanced Yars model http://t.co/MLEricjl #news #Russia

8:17 AM - @syriancommando: As promised, today #Syria will begin its counter-attack, on the information and diplomatic fronts. Be on the look out for leaks.

8:18 AM - @syriancommando: Arabs mobilise their armies to attack #Syria on the behalf of #israel http://t.co/wGYZjWwL (Thanks @parapolitical1 for video)

6:01 PM - @PravdaRu: По экс-премьеру Израиля заплакала тюрьма: Руководителям Израиля не позавидуешь: им одному за другим светит тюрьм... http://t.co/hNQ7hj38

6:04 PM - @RT_com: Russia blasts US violations of international law in Guantanamo http://t.co/CnNrvumW #news

6:18 PM - @fraudwa: @cherineassad @syriancommando --"Fucker where were you when Gaza was bombed?--Rejoicing..Now we have understood what ARABS are

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From Twitter, Friday, 1-13-2012

6:58 PM - @syriancommando: Unconfirmed report: Special forces raid Baba Amro in #Homs, 143 terrorists arrested, 40 snipers specialising in guerrilla fighting killed.

7:04 PM - @RT_russian: Спецслужбы Таиланда арестовали двоих граждан Ливана, готовивших теракты в Бангкоке, их подозревают в участии в движении "Хезболлах" #новости

7:04 PM - @syriancommando: Confirmed: The terrorists who killed killed 9 peaceful demonstrators and a journalist have been caught thanks to #Russia-n satellite. #Syria

7:12 PM - @KulturaTV: Жители Мурманска встретили первые лучи Солнца после полярной ночи http://t.co/TQVYUh7F

7:18 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: Rats are selling Tanks for 6k$ - How sad "@janzour_17: Tank for sale in the Misurata car market 6000 #libya http://t.co/W6WctEld"

7:20 PM - @ahmadalissa: USA: Urinating Soldiers of America

7:20 PM - @syriancommando: #Russia: Spy satellites over the territory of the #Syria-n Arab Republic at the request of the Syrian leadership to locate firing mortars.

7:24 PM - @MediaWarOnSyria: #Homs residents: terrorists are in the streets, we can't go to work, children can't go to school http://t.co/oD6NrkSC

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From Twitter, Saturday, 1-7-2012

5:09 PM - @syriancommando: Facebook terrorists on #AlJazeera's page call bombings 6 hours before they happened http://t.co/s4LC64Ez #Syria #Damascus

5:10 PM - @syriancommando: A "sheikh" in #Lebanon #Tripoli said there's going to be explosions in #Damascus and collected donations for the #Mar14 terrorists. #Syria

5:12 PM - @SaintJust88: Sniper of the Gaddafa-tribe, hailing from the city AlFatah, destroys several "rebels" in Sabha. Source: Algeria ISP: 06/01/2012

5:13 PM - @syriancommando: British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has violated the international law by threatening to attack #Iran http://t.co/5EYRX7vl

5:14 PM - @MuammarLGaddafi: Confirmed 32 libyan alQaeda scumm ages(20 to 25) captured by the syrian Army - Military intelligence official told Dr.Chakir - #syria #libya

5:20 PM - 1 @SomaliaSupport2 @syriancommando @AbuTamercito @basharwillstay please do not divide ourselves. I am russian neither arab nor muslim ..

5:21 PM - 2 @SomaliaSupport2 @syriancommando @AbuTamercito @basharwillstay nevertheless i'm with you in my heart. I want 2 c children smile and peace

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From Twitter, Friday, 1-6-2012

2:17 PM - @syriancommando: TODAY WE MOURN... TOMORROW WE RETALIATE
#Syria http://t.co/TewWy1sI

2:17 PM - @ayman_j: #AJA Al-Jazeera still ignores the last suicidal attack in #Damascus #Syira . Are they ordered to cover fake short protests?? Brain washing!!

2:18 PM - @ayman_j: Did US ambassador Ford order to start this new level of explosions in #Syira the way he Mastered those in Baghdad? Very identical attacks

2:18 PM - @syriancommando: Uncanny that the explosions started a while after ambassador Ford returned to #Damascus. Why does #Syria allow his presence?

2:19 PM - @ayman_j: The latest bombing in #Syira #Damascus show the desperation of syria's enemies to destroy the peace by any mean. Will opposition learn?

2:19 PM - @sydmadamasceno: Truck after truck carrying cement barricades heading to the Kassioun Mountain. #damascus #syria

2:23 PM - @syriancommando: It seems the explosive in #Midan #Damascus contained nails. #Syria #WarCrimes #FuckYouWashington

2:35 PM - @Amani_Lebanon: The Lebanese politicians who denied the presence of Al Qaeda on the #Syria/ #Lebanon borders, share the responsibility of the bloodshed 2day

2:35 PM - @Amani_Lebanon: Does Mikati still want to deny the presence of Al Qaeda on the Lebanon/Syria border? #Lebanon #Syria

2:36 PM - @syriancommando: If you don't stand with us, either stand out of our way or you're against us. There's nothing more to say, now it is black and white. #Syria

2:38 PM - @AnanTello: It's time for Bashar to follow in his father's footsteps.... or else bring on someone who can end this terrorism with an iron fist! #Syria

2:39 PM - @ayman_j: I can tell the latest terrorist suicidal attack in #Syria those terrorists are desperately want to kill as many Syrians as possible

2:39 PM - @melbourneninja: @conarelli @syriancommando Until US started interfering, when has #Syria ("jewel of Arabia") EVER had suicide bombings? Shameful US tactics!

2:39 PM - @syriancommando: This bombing is revenge against the people of the #Midan because they don't want to protest. #Syria #Damascus

2:54 PM - @syriancommando: They want to imprison and kill a whole country and they call it "freedom". Fuck everyone who supports the "opposition" #Terrorists. #Syria

2:55 PM - @Zentensity: .@syriancommando I hope all "Syrian free army" members survive, to witness the same inevitable end of the "Lebanese free army."

2:55 PM - @Maroo784: They're still people who support the 'revos'.. Thats how stupid some Syrians are.. Unfortunately!

2:56 PM - @syriancommando: Terrorist cell in #Mezzeh near #Razi hospital arrested after a brief firefight. #Syria's capital #Damascus is now infested with terrorists.

2:59 PM - @syriancommando: The government must understand that it will have to make hard decisions to strike back at the source of these bombings and not tomorrow.

3:00 PM - @syriancommando: The #Syria-n people want war. We don't want civil war. WE WANT WAR.

3:02 PM - @RT_russian: На Ставропольe уничтожено более 4 тыс. свиней из-за африканской чумы #новости

3:16 PM - @cdoebbler: #USA responsible for killing more civilians in last decade than all other countries combined.

3:18 PM - @syriancommando: Even the beggar on the street corners of the Gulf are giving money to #Terror sheikhs who fund the #TerrorActivists in #Syria.

3:19 PM - @farahcookie: @syriancommando yeah trust me everybody is nervous, frustrated, and extremely sad. I'm still not believing what's happening to our syria..

3:21 PM - @syriancommando: Those #TerrorActivists who scream for "freedom" (the fake screams) should be imprisoned for life, out of irony.

3:21 PM - @CthulhuRise80: @syriancommando my condolences to syrian people and the victims' families. The rats and their supporters will pay for this, I am sure.

3:23 PM - @3arabiSouri: To preserve civilians from further terror attacks #Syria govt should expel the #US ambassador immediately & cut all ties with #Turkey

3:23 PM - @syriancommando: The border with #Lebanon must be closed until further notice, helicopters must monitor the border and kill any attempt at trespassing.

3:23 PM - @manalfahmi: We see a world in which nearly all values are disappearing. #Zionism

3:24 PM - @manalfahmi: We are losing the ability to assess the simplest things, especially when they concern the simple question of what is Good and what is Evil.

3:25 PM - @RT_com: 'US intervention in Iran will drag China & Russia into war' http://t.co/9l1tF5E6

3:26 PM - @RT_russian: Бывший начальник Генштаба Турции задержан по подозрению в подготовке государственного переворота #новости

3:27 PM - @MediaWarOnSyria: #Syria|n Observatory for Human Rights (London based) is managed supposedly by "Rami Abdul Rahman" but his real name is Osama Suleiman.

3:29 PM - @RadioPakistan: Pakistan says it supports a Russian move for investigation into civilian casualties during NATO bombing campaign in Libya...

3:29 PM - @syriancommando: #USD grabs on to the #Euro and drags it down into the abyss. Buy #Gold or #Silver to secure your livelihood before its too late.

3:29 PM - @syriancommando: #Addounia reminds people that the westerners weren't always this barbaric: See #Newton https://t.co/QxRHjyGS #Syria

3:34 PM - @Syrian_Youths_E: Terrorists in the so called "Free Syrian Army", this video shows the reality of these terrorists that steal... http://t.co/1fMVjnJG

3:35 PM - @syriancommando: Killing Mashaal Tammo will cost #Turkey its existence. #Syria

3:37 PM - @SovereignSyria: Arab dictators play the role of defenders of democracy in #Syria, while at their country, the prisons are full of with political prisoners.

3:43 PM - @truthaboutlibya: Muammar #Gaddafi voted Human Rights Hero in @amnesty contest, so AI closes contest early & not releasing reslts: http://t.co/dal5cqcn #Libya

3:44 PM - @nit2am: The criminal & morally indefensible occupation of #Afghanistan has left 5.6 million dead http://t.co/tZCURBVt

3:45 PM - @Syriantruth01: I wonder how Cameron would of liked it if we armed those rioters with snipers and all sorts of weapons.. #Syria #UK

3:50 PM - @Gianni27vl: #Our #failed and #corrupt minister of #Finance, became minister of #Foreign #Affairs and failed again inviting #Syria-n #opposition. Loser!

3:51 PM - @Gianni27vl: #Belgian Minister #Didier #Reynders that lead ten years #Finance and #Tax Services like corrupt despote now go to bring democracy in #Syria.

3:53 PM - @AnanTello: #Hamas is a stray dog which bit the hands that fed it. Hamas, pack your shit and leave our #Syria!!!! #fb

3:55 PM - @Gianni27vl: #Syria: #Peaceful #demonstrators don't have 1.200 euro to buy #satellite #phones or hidden #cameras to spread #lies and #propaganda

3:57 PM - @syriancommando: Source tells me the traitor's taxis are now telling girls to "dress conservatively" threatening "wait 2 month & you'll be in a burka" #Syria

3:57 PM - @No2Sectarianism: #Aljazeera is manipulating every sensory system of ours by showing children crying and women screaming in order to make people hate #Syria.

3:58 PM - @No2Sectarianism: #USA gets rid of its nuclear waste (Uranium 238) by bombarding it on other nations. #Iraq http://t.co/l7HkMfgC #UK #France #Germany

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From Twitter, Friday, 12-30-2011

9:35 PM - @WhatsUpSyria: this is what muslim brotherhood and the #US want to vanish from syrian society http://t.co/Vr1GtYUj #syria

9:37 PM - @3arabiSouri: How to park your tank for dummies at the "entrance of your building" away from #AL observers.
#Syria #Algeria #Egypt http://t.co/Gh9QWshC

9:39 PM - @1D4TW: Anybody who argues that Gaddafi committed genocide is an idiot beyond any medical rehabilitation and deserves to be ignored. #Libya

2:36 PM - @Sara_Haj: Yes. That's how you do it #Bahrain http://t.co/flIT4zNL ... Note than MOST of those police r NOT Bahrainis but naturalized 1s #FreeBahrain

6:18 PM - @SANA_English: Our photo album of yesterday's rallies rejecting foreign interference in #Syria are up! http://t.co/cFIGvvXQ

6:19 PM - @RT_com: Riots & Rallies: RT picks biggest events of 2011 http://t.co/Z0mTroTd #news

6:20 PM - @not_what: I'm seeing a lot of videos where they add shooting sounds. I know it because I've seen the original videos before. #lame #Iflas #Syria

6:21 PM - @maxkeiser: Bernanke lactates into Jamie and Lloyd's mouth and calls it QE http://t.co/HvUdfzQH

6:23 PM - @nasermaya: As per ppl here, its Worth mentioning that #Homs markets close down around 16:00 everyday, Becoze violence starts after sunset

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From Twitter, Thursday, 12-29-2011

10:41 PM - @dooley_dooley: 'We remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,' said Martin Luther King.
Speak out against torture in #bahrain

10:42 PM - @syriancommando: Arab League "observers" refused to meet with injured people in #Homs hospital. They're afraid they'll tell them the truth. #Syria

10:52 PM - @Ra2edRa3ad: If you dont come to democracy. Democracy will come to you ... By explosives and carbombs and roadside bombs, #iraq as an example. #syria

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From Twitter, Thursday, 12-29-2011

9:22 PM - @: error

1:16 AM - @MarleneTiger: RT@Al_Fatah69 Libyan prisoners, all pro Gaddafi + Algerians escaped from prison in Benghazi/El Houari http://t.co/wgk5mbJJ @SomaliaSupport2

1:18 AM - @RT_com: Bloggers united to crush SOPA http://t.co/olA9yRLh

1:20 AM - @Hey_Joud: Guess who's standing in the way of the #Syria-n reforms. #Israel #US http://t.co/ogOF57YK

1:24 AM - @les_politiques: Watch: after the "mostly unarmed" #Syria-n protesters' assault on University of #Damascus students http://t.co/79UuaWTe via @nasserkandil

1:25 AM - @Annosi: How can a completely illogical reasoning be adopted by so many? Their arguments are surreal. #Syria #FSA #SNC

1:26 AM - @syriancommando: #israel-i anti-tank guns captured in #Homs along with a massive amount of explosives http://t.co/MbrGvSvN #Syria

8:55 AM - @stopimperialism: Iran-Afghan trade reaches $2 billion. US hates that Tehran moves closer to Kabul & Baghdad, while US control dwindles http://t.co/BhTEg7vU

8:56 AM - @Hey_Joud: Al Sheikh family massacre by the "peaceful" terrorists in #Syria.

8:57 AM - @syriancommando: Western and Gulf media sink into utter bankruptcy in their media war against #Syria, contradicting observers. http://t.co/bwTvk2Xu

7:26 PM - @Hey_Joud: The US: We will keep adding more pressure on #Syria and president Al #Assad regardless of what the AL report will say. Well f*&k you then.

7:29 PM - @syriancommando:#Homs: Near Abou el-Laban: a group of armed men shot at people in the area leading to the martyrdom of 2 people. Where are the "observers"?

7:31 PM - @syriancommando: Armed groups massacre 8 persons from one family in #Hama… terrorists hit electricity tower in #Daraa http://t.co/52RbrmCW #Syria

7:33 PM - @Diana_82_: @PoshBirdGabi @Libya_SOS @SomaliaSupport2 Libyans future will be sweet and green:)

7:33 PM - @Diana_82_: @Libya_SOS @SomaliaSupport2 GREEN RESISTANCE were waiting 4 NTC Bandits(50Vehicles)RESISTANCE attacked Bandits badly.after 2hrs rats run way

7:33 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: report Libya: the city of Tarhuna is fully Green and Tribe of Tarhuna is protecting its entire city from any attacks.

7:36 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Tarhuna Tribe Pro-Gaddafi Tribe has Defeated Convoy heading towards its city. it has also Pushed North misrata brigade out.

7:36 PM - @KulturaTV: Названы лауреаты литературной премии "Молодой Петербург" http://t.co/BgDmZSzs

7:36 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Green resistance in Sirte Still fighting in many Areas. but only less then 30% of the city remains after NATO holocaust.

7:36 PM - @Libya_SOS: Breaking #News - resistance shooting and waiving green flag next to the People's Palace now

7:36 PM - @Diana_82_: @Libya_SOS @SomaliaSupport2 Tarhuna is a very big Tribe.. Zawya rebels did not want to fight against Tarhouna..

7:37 PM - @RT_com: US navy crosses Strait of Hormuz after Iranian oil threats http://t.co/ajCSx2Ml

7:38 PM - @shtepawski: OMG RT @Libya_SOS: #PHOTO #Libya - 'Devoted' #Muslim Rebels praying in shirts with #US flag http://t.co/A2jBNG4F

7:40 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Areas Near Ubari in South Libya have just been Struck by Multiple NATO airstrikes. also Roads along Niger border were hit.

7:40 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Saif: Must Watch video by Saif al Islam with Transalation... he Accuratly predicted all the events http://t.co/0srpgxx6

7:41 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya Large Explosion in Baidah in the East of libya. Militia's are fighting each other over neighborhood control.

7:41 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report World: 60 years the World watched the Zionists genocide the palestinians.. no action.. When its Syria and Libya ? UN/NATO seeks blood

7:44 PM - @MediaWarOnSyria: Video of the armed protesters in Hama (summer 2011) http://t.co/3Fv8iRDr #Syria

7:44 PM - @POCKETSARA: Fuck CNN hyping the Syria rebellion

7:45 PM - @Syriana84: Ahed Alhendi, @CyberDissidents exiled activist, in his interview with Yadiot Ahronot asked Israel and the rest of the world to bomb #Syria

7:45 PM - @ikhras: We need to put together a team of monitors & send them to the GCC states to report on child sex-slaves & abuse of migrant workers. #Syria

7:45 PM - @SyriaNewsENG2: #Syria│The Arab monitors reach Daraa, and the people are welcoming them with slogans that honor the army and the president.

7:45 PM - @SyriaNewsENG2: #Syria news reporter to Damascus Governorate: "large crowds in the governorate square chanting for the military... http://t.co/dVupztos

7:45 PM - @conarelli: @antinatol Syria=Russia. Its also the last stop to Iran. If NATO defeat Syria they will take on Russia via Europe flank.

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From Twitter, Wednesday, 12-28-2011

7:46 PM - @syriancommando: #AlJazeera host can't do maths, can't speak Arabic,don't know #Syria-n geography yet some idiots think they're reliable http://t.co/QRJ2YfCp

7:48 PM - @ikhras: Funny: same US tools that criticize #Syria for not launching war in Golan reassure US of softer policy towards Israel if installed in power

7:48 PM - @Hey_Joud: #Lattakia A Kia Rio loaded with 300 Kg of explosives was seized on the Lattakia- Jable highway. #Syria

7:49 PM - @Hey_Joud: Turkish court jails 30 Turks for insulting "israel" -- Talk about hypocrisy.

7:49 PM - @iRevolt: My grandmother, who is more than 80 years old, still has leaflets Israel dropped on Southern Lebanon before bombing our villages.

7:50 PM - @Hey_Joud: #Homs The authorities in cooperation with some clergy were able to free Samira Haj Hassan from the hands of the terrorists. #Syria

7:50 PM - @FadiMaarri: Today our 'revolutionaries' demonstrated freedom and democracy by blowing up a pipeline and shooting 5 students in Uni of Damascus. #Syria

7:51 PM - @ikhras: So lets make sure we understand this correctly. A group of tyrants are sending "monitors" to #Syria to observe human rights violations. OK

7:51 PM - @sweatyinbkk: Follow @syriancommando and others tweeting from #Syria for other side opinions what is happening there,instead of lapping up what Us says.

7:53 PM - @nasermaya: With Taliban 'embassy,' Qatar again punches above its weight - Globe and Mail http://t.co/dm1IkHrk

7:56 PM - @iRevolt: Person(s) using the term "collateral damage" to describe victims of USA's imperialism shall be henceforth referred to as "a piece of shit"

7:57 PM - @syriancommando: In #Daraa 38 terrorist were arrested, 18 killed, along with their leader Khaldoun Zainuddin. Shortly afterwards @StateDept started barking!

7:57 PM - @syriancommando: Dropping a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima was an act of "protecting civilians" -- I kid you not they justify it by saying it saved lives.

8:01 PM - @syriancommando: Belgian researcher: Sanctions on #Syria simply a game of musical chairs, will have no effect on it and are simply a form of hypocrisy.

8:02 PM - @syriancommando: After its failure in #Iraq, the #USA's role in the region has been reduced to that of a barking dog. Now making peace with the Taliban, LOL!

8:05 PM - @CustosDivini: #START Success Story? Russia Builds and Tests New ICBM #Missiles, Submarines http://t.co/Pxv9JNmf #military

8:10 PM - @nit2am: Dear Persian Gulf, please swallow Qatar.

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From Twitter, Tuesday, 12-27-2011

9:26 PM - @: error

0:35 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Media Spin: Greatest media Myth ever is that NATO/Zionist bombs cause no Terror.. They are like Blessed bombs that bring love upon victims

0:35 AM - @adil_naji: What was taken away by force will be taken back by force.. Kill all RAT scums.. Viva Jamahiriya... #Libya

0:36 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Media Spin: the NATO/Zionist bombs are so good in media that make you feel like every civilian wants to be Hit by it..its simply that lovely

0:36 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Opinion World: Media talks about celebrities and Stocks going up and down random casino.. no 2 mins for 170 libyans killed by NATO/Alqaeda

0:38 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: My tweets are not protected.. but it seems im not sure yet.. that Twitter has finally pulled plug on Somaliasupport2 like previous accounts

0:38 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Frankly twitter Policy should have been written clearly and included you must Worship your masters NATO/Zionists throughoutly and deeply

0:39 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: Opinion World: maybe now that Saudi Prince owns Big share in Twitter their safe from Media Army of Twitter destroying Nations.

0:39 AM - @SomaliaSupport2: @adil_naji @jokertheef Ocampo a rapist.. is accusing others of Rape... USA that openly Tortures people is talking about human rights.

0:39 AM - @3plus1twtr: Anytime I see anything tweeted as a "report" or "news" from #AlArabiya I skip. How can anything on that network be considered "news!"

9:18 AM - @antinatol: The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT “Federal” – it is PRIVATELY OWNED, and it has NO Reserves.

7:01 PM - @RT_com: CIA’s daily menu: 5 mln foreign tweets! http://t.co/fGTtHiBO

7:04 PM - @Steiner1776: Western Propaganda against Syria: German state TV uses footage from Iraq 2007 against the syrian government: http://t.co/7sBsjMzq

7:04 PM - @nit2am: The so-called 'uprising' in #Syria is in reality 'Fourth generation warfare' prosecuted by foreign actors: http://t.co/4RkZYAo7

7:09 PM - @MMOMA: Бесплатный вход музей в новогодние праздники http://t.co/lDnX7jxe

7:11 PM - @Steiner1776: Syria: Unbelievable how media is twisting the facts. Now theyre claiming that protests in Homs are Anti-Assad http://t.co/ASP4nHeu

7:11 PM - @MKERone: Bunch of ignorants... Screw you all brainwashed activists siding with the ennemy for whatever ur dumb down reason ! We stand for #SYRIA

7:12 PM - @syriancommando: Terrorist media labelling pro-government protests in #Homs as anti protests but refuses to show images of them. #Syria

7:14 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Green resistance continues its fight at Gharyan against bel haj Brigade.

7:15 PM - @Mezasuns: @SomaliaSupport2 At least abut truth MMS/ Zionism

7:17 PM - @Syriana84: A friend told me that Khodr kHazem, has just died. Now we have Hussien Ghannam and Khodr martyred in Medical Engineering terrorist shooting

7:17 PM - @No2Sectarianism: Only highest ranking students from Electrical and MechEngineering are admitted to Biomedical Eng- now we lost 2 martyrs of them #Syria

7:17 PM - @syriancommando: The #USA instructed its terrorist @LCCSy to kill some of #Syria's top students in order to steal our future away.

7:17 PM - @syriancommando: The fake #Syria-n army exposed. http://t.co/NTWH2rrs None of them are actual soldiers. #FSA #FakeSyrianArmy

7:18 PM - @MKERone: Stop pretending you're concerned about the chaos #WhiteEmpire & Al-Qaeada brought about in #Libya coz u're know siding with them for #SYRIA

7:18 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Saif: saif al islam is treated very well at Zintan. Recently Tribals elders and others have met him in Zintan.

7:19 PM - @No2Sectarianism: @lala_falfasi here are the details http://t.co/0QPwzWxu http://t.co/sJSBRB2O

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From Twitter, Saturday, 12-24-2011

6:54 PM - @ooulabi: They tried to launch Mass Demos, War, Buffer Zone, Sanctions, UN Pressure, Defections, Strikes, &Civil war but they all failed. Revo is DEAD

6:54 PM - @Syrian_Youths_E: Grand Mufti statement: "Those who say they're with neutrality now are against #SYRIA."


6:54 PM - @syriancommando: Merry Christmas to all my friends and family in #Syria. Our enemies will never break our resolve and love for one another.

6:57 PM - @RT_com: 50 thousand strong: RT aerial photo from Moscow biggest rally #dec24 #protest http://t.co/KMZfj4xM

6:57 PM - @RagDuh: I agree with everyone. Protesting at this point is a crime. It's not about pro or anti-Assad. It's about pro or anti-#SYRIA.

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From Twitter, Friday, 12-23-2011

1:08 AM - @RT_com: Un-Patriotic? Secret US missiles cargo bound for S. Korea busted http://t.co/CBbnGTTM #news

1:09 AM - @RT_russian: ЕС планирует потратить 20 млн евро на "поддержку гражданского общества Белоруссии" #новости

1:13 AM - @guardianworld: "Iraq is finished... There is no democracy here, there is chaos. Corruption is rampant and so is sectarianism." http://t.co/TVVnaHqD

1:15 AM - @SANA_English: Judge Khalaf al-Azawi: #Syria's LAC elections on 12th December was held in a transparent atmosphere of democracy, freedom and honesty

1:16 AM - @Syriantruth01: A senior Iranian commander has announced the upcoming launch of ten-day massive naval exercises in an area covering 2,000 kilometers. #Iran

1:16 AM - @bangpound: Good (Liberal) people know we must intervene (re-occupy) Iraq to save it from itself (sectarian violence). No other choice. #obamaDelusion

1:24 AM - @SweetArabia: BREAKING; #Israeli tanks are invading south of #Gaza with tanks & bulldozers in the city of #KhanYunis @Omar_Gaza @Palaestina #Arabs

1:29 AM - @MKERone: Btw, don't think Turkey & France really freezed their relations. They're working towards the same aim to serve same agenda #Syria #Nwo

1:31 AM - @BreakingNews: Syria says more than 2,000 members of army and security forces have been killed since start of unrest - @Reuters

1:38 AM - @PoshBirdGabi: @SomaliaSupport2 The #Zintanis R keeping him safe. @cdoebbler should worry about death squads #Qatar has sent out to kill Said al Islam.

1:38 AM - @MFA_Russia: Our condolences to the families of those killed and our sympathy to those injured in the indefensible terrorist attacks in Iraq

1:39 AM - @Cloimages: “@cnnbrk: More killings reported in #Syria - If NATO stopped arming terrorists, they would not be able to kill. #AmericanLogic

1:49 AM - @syriansoldier1: #syria
Syria sends a letter to the UN:
Syria has asserted that the fabricated reports presented by the Human... http://t.co/Ozstcuk8

1:51 AM - @RT_America: Drones: invisible to radar but vulnerable to primitive viruses? http://t.co/okKr8ojg

1:53 AM - @RT_com: RT @RT_America Protesters are carrying the #OccupyAlbany information tent through the streets of the city

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From Twitter, Thursday, 12-22-2011

10:42 AM - @syriancommando: Arnold Gunderson explains why "China syndrome" is not possible at #Fukushima but something just as bad is going on http://t.co/7nCal6o5

10:44 AM - @syriancommando: They want to cut up our country, kill our pilots and soldiers, destroy our armor, change our flag and anthem. We just laugh at them. #Syria

10:45 AM - @syriancommando: US calls them "illegal immigrants": Others call them original inhabitants http://t.co/q1IMqpNc #USA #Aztlan #Mexico

11:02 AM - @Hey_Joud: A FB page--more like a hit list for the terrorists to collect info about patriots in #Aleppo and target them #Syria

11:04 AM - @syriancommando: But they should know that I would skin their entire families alive if anything were to happen to mine, it'll be a like a meat butcher scene.

7:50 PM - @syriancommando: Instructions to shoot, "scenario changes", are broadcast by Al Arabiya. Even the weather reports contain information for terrorists. #Syria

7:52 PM - @MediaWarOnSyria: "It was a shock to see Al-Jazeera presenting rallies pro-president as protests against him." #Syria http://t.co/rDTI0jWU #Siria #Syrien #syr

7:59 PM - @shtepawski: @olive2tun @InomineX @StopWarCrimes @NewsBalkan @SomaliaSupport2 i wonder how and what could be done technically in twitter?

8:02 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Source in Tripoli said "At night we hear constant gunfire in many areas..there is always some militia group fighting outside"

8:02 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report World: Billions of Dollars disappeared and millions of Barrels of Oil continue to be stolen...The Legacy of Another NATO colonial war

8:02 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Libyan Tribes decided to combat Qatar and its militia's and also....The tribes have officially all Rejected the NTC.

8:04 PM - @SickBillionaire: In the process of wanting a new car and a bigger house and a more attractive body image, you lose your very soul.

8:04 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: @syriancommando yes they already decided that. but we are seeing in action now as Mass protests Spread trough libya against NTC and QATAR

8:05 PM - @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Abd Jalil is trying to cut deals with Militia Brigades...As he has no Support of any group...Militia Brigades are angry at NTC

8:12 PM - @syriancommando: You can send an army of a million terrorists to our borders and it will result in 1 million less terrorists around the world. #Syria

8:12 PM - @syriancommando: No "freedom fighters" this time America, we're going to send all your terrorists to the meat grinders. Send as many as you want to #Syria.

8:16 PM - @shtepawski: @syriancommando send us more meat for pigs, thx ;) hold on strong bro!

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From Twitter, Wednesday, 12-21-2011

6:28 PM - @MediaWarOnSyria: More warmonger propganda: #Syria|n opposition urges U.N. action over 'horrific massacres' http://t.co/aTToKu5n #cnn

6:31 PM - @ozyism: Do you want to know who is spreading all these rumors about #Syria? Rami Abdulrahman.. All we know about him is the fact that he lives in UK

6:34 PM - @Diana_82_: There has been no electrical power in #Zawya & #Tripolis for 4 days now. People are suffering from the cold (it is chilly in #Libya now).  

6:34 PM - @Diana_82_: LIBYA: Yesterday, there were great protests in Benghazi, Tripoli, Derna, Tobruk and Misurata against the corrupt #NTC vermin & Rats. #Libya

6:34 PM - @Diana_82_: LIBYA:NTC leaves ppl without electrical power&CleanWater.Ppl r starving,they have NoMoney(shops r full butWithout money there isNothing 2buy

6:39 PM - @DanielBushellRT: 'Shut up', 'We're sick of you', 'Stubborn kid', 'we don't want to hear you' - Sarkozy insults fellow EU leaders as euro crisis gets too much

6:39 PM - @DanielBushellRT: Spanish town Salvaterra returns to pre-euro peseta as single currency dream turns sour

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From Twitter, Tuesday, 12-20-2011

0:26 PM - @LIBYA_BREAKNEWS: Confirmed: The Aljazeera Arabic headquaters in #Tripoli, #Libya was attacked with a hand grenade.

0:29 PM - @iRevolt: Graphic: What US-backed security forces are doing to protesters in Egypt http://t.co/hmjfR13W

0:56 PM - @RT_com: Russia urges NATO to investigate Libyan deaths http://t.co/duAi8B31

0:56 PM - @Yaro_RT: Топлес-активистки #Femen доигрались. После акции возле здания КГБ в Минске их уже сутки не могут найти. В КПЗ и больницах их нет

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From Twitter, Monday, 12-19-2011

9:13 PM - @: error

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From Twitter, Sunday, 12-18-2011

2:00 AM - @RT_com: Evora leaving forever http://t.co/OV8vhDev

2:02 AM - @Tesa_RT: Not sure yet what's going on. Police everywhere. One helicopter. Tense/curious mood at shopping area. #Brussels http://t.co/AVQJw1XO

2:02 AM - @nasermaya: 2guys where just shot & the crowed around aren't running away!!! This is how AJA market civil war in Syria @Mirandacan http://t.co/99Oi4CgE

3:08 AM - @OccupyDaMedia: Buying Silver Is Like Buying Gold At $554 Today http://t.co/j7Vr8LKr Do it. #OneWorldCurrency

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From Twitter, Thursday, 12-8-2011

8:20 AM - RT @Diana_82_: Civilians have closed all main roads in Tripoli.They have built checkpoints with rock&steel.They disseize Rats of their c ...

8:22 AM - RT @RT_com: RT @RT_America Cops moving accredited media off the scene at #occupydc

8:22 AM - RT @Diana_82_: Last night 3 cars from Misurata came to Tripoli.Civilians attacked them with rocks& weapons. Wherever they appear, they a ...

8:26 AM - RT @Diana_82_: Last night there were fights in 7 places;Thuel Benashur there were 2 huge explosions&large battles by heavily armed civil ...

8:26 AM - RT @Diana_82_: TRIPOLI: There are fights now in the Thuel Benashur area and in 4 other places in Tripoli.  

8:26 AM - RT @OksanaBoyko_RT: One man's liberator is the same man's occupier?! Hundreds converge in #Tripoli, calling on militia to disarm and go. ...

10:02 AM - @RT_America it's a damn shame. Humans are pretending to be intelligent. Making other to die for food manipulating big money though.

10:45 AM - RT @RT_russian: Япония собирается сбросить в Тихий океан десятки тысяч тонн радиоактивной воды с АЭС "Фукусима-1" #новости

5:14 PM - RT @M_Simonyan: Власти и протестующие договорились, что на Болотной и что не 300 человек, а десять тысяч. Ну, слава Богу!

5:16 PM - Liar! @Tesa_RT: Rasmussen: We have been careful in Libya. We have no confirmed casualties as a result of NATO We minimized collateral damage

5:16 PM - F Liar! RT @Tesa_RT: Rasmussen: We have no intention of intervening in Syria.

5:34 PM - RT @follow99percent: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert every episode of the Keiser Report just gets better and better. We recommend you watch it! ...

7:48 PM - RT @adil_naji: @TheTruthLibya he's an assHOLE! Sirte was bombed to stoneage.. They even used DU bombs on GreatMan made river..

7:51 PM - RT @cdoebbler: #Libya: Jerusalem Post and Israel government congratulate NATO-led rebels after helping them kill 100,000 Libyans.

7:53 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Heavy clashes in Ajelat and zuwara and Zlitan and khums ... Green resistance starts operations to rem ...

7:53 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report Tripoli : Green resistance fought Militia and ALQAEDA in Ain Zara and Sidi saleem and Busaleem and Zanatah n ...

7:53 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: report Tripoli : Rebels infighting at neighborhoods of alsreem and Dahra and al Jala.. civilian cars were destroyed ...

7:55 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report Zintan: Source that visited zintan said were under immense pressure from Tribes. recent attacks on Misrata m ...

7:55 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: Source said "Some militia fighters said better off with Saif Then having long Civil war" Libya the n ...

7:57 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report World: Millions of Somali Died and are still dying. No media attention or "intervention".We need Anti-NATO/z ...

8:10 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Fact Check: Britain Cracked down Protesters. Cameron said he wont listen to "phony human rights"... mass media was ...

8:10 PM - RT @YokOkeage1: @SomaliaSupport2 Yes, UN never talk about Native Americans MASSACRES (+40MM deaths) or SLAVERY (+100MM deaths) & others

8:10 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Fact Check: British Government warned. you don't stop rioting we will send armed forces into the streets...Mass med ...

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From Twitter, Wednesday, 12-7-2011

7:09 PM - RT @bigpictureru: Давно у нас жести жестянской не было: Шииты готовятся к Ашуре - http://t.co/2hk8Pb5F

7:27 PM - RT @RT_russian: Мексиканская разведка накрыла преступную сеть, планировавшую тайно переправить сына Каддафи Саади на территорию страны # ...

7:27 PM - RT @MutherOFpearl: @SomaliaSupport2 of course they intend to kill Saif Gaddaffi and every member of his family; even kids; we've seen NT ...

7:27 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Libya: Recent tribal meeting in zawiyah Concluded that Saif al islam should not be killed or be brought to be kille ...

7:32 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Report Libya: awlad Boulid tribal leaders son Arrested by NTC..concerns he may be dead..Tribe warned if true they w ...

7:32 PM - RT @syriancommando: West hypocrisy: Peaceful protests in the #UK are terrorism, terrorism + death squads are peaceful protests in #Syria ...

7:32 PM - RT @GaddafiGlobal: I call on my supporters to continue the resistance on Twitter, & fight any foreign aggressor against #Libya, today, t ...

7:32 PM - RT @syriancommando: Hague is ‘shocked’ by the sectarian attacks against civilians in #Iraq and #Afghanistan but supports and funds it in ...

7:42 PM - RT @RT_russian: Дети в США все чаще просят у Санта-Клауса работу для родителей и деньги на коммунальные платежи - опрос людей, работающи ...

7:54 PM - RT @KatiaAzarova_RT: #FOX news sinks to new lows with pix of ATHENS riots that they claim is #Moscow.FYI-no palm trees in Moscow,people! ...

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From Twitter, Saturday, 12-3-2011

10:07 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Russia Policy: was to push NATO into wars in middle east... To slowdown NATO spreading in Eastern europe and Eurasi ...

10:18 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Much respected effort by Swedish to hold their Government accountable for Genocide and Terrorism in Libya http://t. ...

10:20 PM - RT @Diana_82_: Zawya: last night Sabrij 4km west Zawyia heavy gun fire. Rebels fought against each other. I don't know how many were kil ...

10:20 PM - RT @Diana_82_: LIBYA: last night Zuara and Zultin rebels fought against each other 2 rebels were killed 23 injured, 6 badly injured.

10:20 PM - RT @Diana_82_: TRIPOLIS: last night 8 areas heavy gun fire rebels fought against each other. 16 rebels were killed and many injured

10:20 PM - RT @Diana_82_: ZAWYA: This morning Rebels arrested 16 kids (they are from south Libya) all between 14-18 year young.

10:21 PM - RT @Diana_82_: Belhajs trip to turkey was arranged from turkish secret service and Qater. He brought NATO guns from Libya to Libyan rebe ...

10:21 PM - @Diana_82_ thank you for the messages

10:22 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Abdurahim musak a Major Drug Dealer that fled to morroco because Gaddafi wanted him Arrested..Musak has returned is ...

10:23 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: report Libya: Street fighting in Benghazi as "Abd Fatah younis Case" causes Tensions between Salabi ALQAEDA brigade ...

10:26 PM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: report Libya: NTC are Breaking people's legs and arms and Raping them with Knifes and then Beheading them for being ...

10:27 PM - RT @Diana_82_: @SomaliaSupport2 Yes he came back in Zawya for 2 days ago, Abadulrahim Musak is from Sagri Tribe.

10:27 PM - RT @Diana_82_: @SomaliaSupport2 Abdulrahim Musak (drug lord)have now his own militias all well armed. From zawiya he will deliver drugs ...

10:28 PM - RT @TellShot: @Diana_82_ @SomaliaSupport2 Drugs is classic way warlords making monney. They will no stop destabilize Libya. They need th ...

10:28 PM - RT @TellShot: @GabyVerdier @SomaliaSupport2 @Diana_82_ Warlords in Afganistan dealing with drugs under US cover. Same situation now in L ...

10:28 PM - RT @adil_naji: @Diana_82_ @TellShot @SomaliaSupport2 they target our youth.. They want them to be drug addicts to keep them sedated as t ...

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From Twitter, Saturday, 12-3-2011

0:44 AM - RT @PravdaRu: Извержение вулкана в Исландии грозит катастрофой: В сотнях метров под поверхностью одного из самых больших ледни... http:/ ...

1:00 AM - RT @RT_com: Senate approves indefinite detention and torture of Americans — http://t.co/WSFAoanP

2:23 AM - RT @TheTruthLibya: RT @MichaelLee2009 'Depleted uranium's toxic legacy to poison #Libya for 40 years' http://t.co/cYh8gvm6 The #USA leav ...

2:45 AM - RT @GamalAbdelTunis: It's a fake discussion. In Tunisia we lack economical freedom at first and not a useless discussion about Hijab and ...

2:47 AM - RT @SomaliaSupport2: Opinion World: studying History and Watching the world today...Ignorance and Unfeeling people is single biggest re ...

2:54 AM - RT @TheTruthLibya: "Under Gaddafi everything was great. And now there's nothing" - http://t.co/G8aRQ6Ed #Libya #Gaddafi

2:56 AM - RT @timberblind: @TheTruthLibya NATO are the Axis of all evil - Humanitarian Intervention Crap- Murders- liars- torturers-evil monsters ...

2:56 AM - RT @TheTruthLibya: More than 80% Libyans support Gaddafi.But they cant say it loud.Because on TV you can only see rats (rebels).They lov ...

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From Twitter, Thursday, 12-1-2011

9:14 PM - (cont) http://t.co/gWHhQEYH

10:30 PM - RT @RT_russian: В Дамаске создан комитет по противодействию санкциям, которые были введены Лигой Арабских стран и вступят в силу через 4 ...

10:59 PM - YouTube (cont) http://t.co/ExzNlEsU

9:49 AM - @GamalAbdelTunis I agree with that. You may find interesting works of Jean Baudrillard (not sure about family name)

2:59 PM - НАТО, арабские страны, Израиль, Турция и Россия готовятся к столкновению в Сирии http://t.co/6DMb1iGE

4:10 PM - Great story on Libya, translated from russian. Maybe there's an original in the web. @SomaliaSupport2 @GamalAbdelTunis http://t.co/MdH8JRGP

7:37 PM - @RT_russian к черту фонд. Мы за беспилотную зону над сша!

7:45 PM - Frk nato bastards, let the pilots suffer RT @RT_com: Libyan In(ter)vention: False facts fatal for Gaddafi http://t.co/LHCO19d5 #news

7:45 PM - @RT_russian frk em

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Franklin Lamb

«Everybody says that we are rich. Why then do we feel so poor? »

This columnist, burying in the sand their feet shod in sandals, sitting in the cool Mediterranean beach near total fire divorced gay group cohesive and still armed to the teeth, «the rebels of NATO.» Here, the browser knows that the Libyans themselves who fought together with NATO or NATO, experienced events of the last eight months is not exactly like this were presented by the Western media. And the fact that the opinion of those who had it all summer in western Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's stronghold, too far from objective.

Two of my new friends have finished law school was renamed the University of Benghazi (after the revolution of Al-Fateh in 1969 the school was called the State University), and six others from February to October 2011 participated in many battles in Libya. The meeting was organized by the commander of the rebels by name, «Samal». With him, I met by chance at the central bus station in Alexandria, Egypt, where, as in Cairo, many «insurgents NATO,» celebrating the victory, rest, and undergo training. Samal explained to me that a trip to Egypt was his first reprieve for the eight months of hard military service. In his civilian life he works as a librarian in the university, and now he plans to return to school in January with the new school year. Like many Libyan students, he missed the whole academic year, because of the uprising, all educational institutions were closed and now wants to catch up Samal program development of information technology.

Samal readily admits that he, like many Libyans, not acted against Muammar Gaddafi personally, but against those who surrounded the «leader», because they used their power, communication, and integrity for selfish purposes and made a huge number of crimes against the people. Understanding the deep interest of the browser on the issue, Samal, returning to Misratu, arranged for him to meet with their friends, the rebels. The meeting took place in a small cafe in the Gulf of Sirte. Institution, «Abu Nasser» is on the outskirts of the village of Qasr Abu Hadi, in a tent where Gaddafi was born, where he spent his childhood and was brought up as long as parents sent him to five years in high school south of the municipality Sabha. It is believed that there young Naseri-revolutionary spent his historical studies and joined the local Boy Scouts, and later joined the armed forces of Libya.

When we finished our wonderful meal at «Abu Nasser,» which consisted of acute Libyan couscous with large chunks of lamb on the bone, it was already dark, and I noticed that the view of Samal directed to the north-east, where on the horizon I could see the Gulf of Sirte. When the full moon, he offered to make a bonfire on the beach and continue our conversation under the stars. I must admit that for oregontsa, who as a child, spent many evenings around the fire on cold winds often blown coast of Oregon or on the shores of Kellogg, near the family nest Lamb which is in Leykroud, DC Milwaukee, Samal was a proposal — it is better not to think.

One of the College of Law faculty Benghazi said, «our leader» (then he quickly corrected himself and embarrassed, and said — "tyrant") loved it there to enjoy nature, which led us Samal. He said that Gaddafi was able to tell visitors a lot about the «Gulf of Sirte Great,» as he called him (the Colonel liked to swim there.) Gaddafi explains to visitors the historic role of the Bay in a victory over U.S. forces in the mid-1980s, when the Libyan Air Force drove the American planes were sent by President Reagan to challenge the famous red line drawn by Colonel Qaddafi (Gaddafi himself called it "line of death"). A line drawn Libyan leader, crossed the entrance to the «Gulf of Sirt Large» at coordinates 32 degrees 30 minutes north latitude, and lies between Benghazi and the western cape of the Gulf of Misrate. Red line indicates the Libyan claim on a unique fishing zone length of 62 nautical miles (115 kilometers). In the Gulf of Sirte inhabit the world's largest population of tuna, which explains why this year during Ramadan, when in our hotel there was no fresh food because of ongoing fighting, every iftar consisted of mountains of canned tuna, which your humble servant to this now can not even watch.

The UN representative of Libya said that, given the natural geographic location of the country, the Gulf of Sirte is the Libyan territorial waters (the first time Gaddafi said this in 1973). According to the colonel, historic victory in the «Gulf of Sirte Great» preceded «the expulsion of U.S. troops from the territory in 1984.» The U.S. government acted against what's called a misappropriation of the open sea areas, but the U.S. believed that because of this you should not wage a war, and let things drift.

Some of my interlocutors have been in combat since the end of February 2011. Samal and two other Libyans were involved in six key battles, namely, Brega, Misrata, Tripoli, Bani Walid, Zawiya and Sirte. I asked — when the rebels first began to believe that they could defeat his enemy? I immediately replied Ahmed, «After the third battle, which occurred in Breguet, we could say that the troops fought without Gaddafi former enthusiasm. Thus, around 20 July. »

Comrade Ahmed agreed with him, and one added: «It was felt that that story was repeated in 2006, when Israeli troops surrendered and lost,» Hezbollah «in Lebanon. It was obvious that the Israeli soldiers did not believe in their mission. The same thing happened with many guys Gaddafi. When you're on the battlefield, you feel the psychological state of his enemy, even if you do not see it. In Breguet we fought not far from residential areas, and most of the troops departed Gaddafi in Ras Lanuf. In some buildings were still soldiers, but to us they no longer pose a threat. »

Then his remark put Rashid: «After Bregy we already knew that sooner or later going to win because after every fight, we asked ourselves: where is the regular Libyan army? We know some soldiers in person, but in combat with them we had never met. We wondered what happened to them? In the end, we realized that Gadhafi has lost credibility with the troops and they just vanished. It became clear on August 23, when we went to Tripoli, without encountering virtually no resistance. In fact, we were shocked. Army Colonel left him. »

Samal said, "Yes, but remember, we certainly recognize that without the help of NATO, we would not have lasted one month. Please do not think that we are «in love» in NATO, although it seems that many Libyans want our country joined the alliance, as well as some NATO members and members of our interim government. NATO knows that our country could become an ideal base for African command U.S. forces that will again transform Africa into a colony and do away with the progressive projects to African countries. Please, do not think that we do not know what they want from NATO countries of Libya and its neighbors. They want us to oil and other natural resources, they want to deploy military bases on our territory, they want us to be tolerant of Israel. How do they plan to achieve this? They will make the Arabs fight with Arabs and Muslims — the Muslims, they will make them kill each other. "

One of the professors Law School added: «As we have seen over the past few months, the U.S. and its allies try to limit the involvement of Western countries in the fate of Libya, and reduce it to assist with air, carrying out bombing and using drones and attracting force special forces, with This regular army will not take part in hostilities. That is the plan for NATO. We clearly realize this is an example of our country, and perhaps history will repeat itself in Syria, but in a different form. »

Kamal, a medical laboratory technician, added, "Many supporters of al-Gaddafi in Tripoli, Libya and the West, who witnessed how a NATO bombing killed civilians, not to understand that during the operation of the North Atlantic alliance t lost many of our fellow-rebels, and and civilians in areas of eastern Libya. We forbid to talk about it, but NATO has committed many errors. We called them «a team of bombers shot down on sight.» Because many of our soldiers may have been several hundred, hit by NATO. A number of civilians killed in our territories during the NATO bombing, several hundred people. Often, NATO troops have taught us more fear than troops Gaddafi. Organization for the Protection of Human Rights to investigate the incident, because the National Transitional Council of Libya to do this just will not. "

Under the big full moon hanging over the «Great Gulf of Sirte,» the rebels openly shared their views with the browser on many issues, including the following:

They believe that the next state, which will cover a wave of unrest in an Arab spring, will be Algeria. The rebels said that some Libyans and foreign Islamists (mostly hired by Saudi Salafis) are leaving Libya and sent to Algeria, where in 1992 the government suppresses the Islamist radicals. Between the end of the 80s and late 90s had killed more than 200 000 civilians, 20 000 people missing, thousands injured. At the moment, these figures seem tiny compared to the loss of Libya and other countries emerging from the Arab spring. The coming uprising in combination with the expected reaction of the Algerian government could have dire consequences.

One reason for the coming rebellion could be a general dissatisfaction with the actions of the President of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his government: a huge number of Algerian troops were sent to Libya to support the regime of Gaddafi, in addition, Algeria has promised to provide family members of Gaddafi and his close political asylum. Relations of Algeria and the Libyan government are the new cool, Bouteflika and his government suspected that Libya intends to support the growing resistance movement in Algeria. According to Samal and his friends, Libya's National Transitional Council can support the uprising in Algeria.

Samal and his friends were discussing their frustration over the fact that Britain, France, the United States and other NATO countries are swarming over Libya, like locusts, trying to sign lucrative contracts for reconstruction Misraty, Brega, Sirte after themselves and the city was destroyed. «It's forbidden!» — Insists Ahmed. «They destroyed our country and now they want us to pay them ourselves for her recovery. How I wish that we could rebuild their country, while allowing no single country from NATO to get this benefit. This is similar to the case with the crazy American woman nominated as a candidate in the presidential elections in your country, it wants Iraq to the United States paid compensation for all the dead American soldiers occupying forces. That the U.S. should pay Iraqi families for each of the one million Iraqis killed by U.S. forces and make reparation for all damage caused by American bombing Iraq. »

The guys discuss whether it is possible such that Libya will have to repeat the fate of the Congo after the overthrow of the dictator Mobutu. Samal said the fate of some similarities between the two countries and said that, in fact, Libya may bitterly regret the death of Qaddafi, and many residents fear the Congo for their future after a 33-year rule of Mobutu, who was a strong personality. Gaddafi, like the former governor of the Congo, merged his divided country, instilled a sense of national identity Libyans, made medical care and education free of charge, provided funds for housing and protecting the rights of women, but now it is under threat. Ahmed explained: «Well, we are» free «so what? Everyone says that we are rich. Why then do we feel so poor? What we will have a government? Personally, I am a supporter of a strong unitary government, which has been in the Congo during Patrice Lumumba. Many want to set up a federal system. We have to build it. Now our main problem is the leadership vacuum in the country. Do we spare that Gaddafi is no more? For many, the answer is definitely yes. Not all the rebels hated Qaddafi, they hated his henchmen, who are out of control and created their own tiny empires. That's why many now argue that the former henchmen Gaddafi should not be included in the new government. They were our main enemy, but not Gaddafi ».

I have invited the rebels exchanged amazing photos, which they did on their mobile phone cameras in the past few months. Featuring a photo with a few bearded rebels, Ahmed mentioned that the Western media, seeing these men with beards, immediately concluded: «Al-Qaeda!» "No it's not Al Qaeda, and we laughed for a long time, when they saw these false reports," — he continued. «The media have seen so many bearded men simply because of the fact that we simply do not have time to shave. If I have free time, I was cleaning his weapon, or a rest, but not shaved. Now, you see, I do not have beards. The same can be said of many of my friends. I do not deny, in our ranks there are many al-Qaida fighters. And I would add that in the battle each such fighter is worth a hundred such as we are. They are all well trained, they have extensive experience working with explosives. I can not even understand how they cope with the simplest devices, in addition, they are not afraid of death. But in Libya, they do not control. Will they stay in Libya in the future? Let's wait and see. »

My interlocutors expressed concern about the growing influence of Qatar (one of the Gulf), although they recognize that Qatar has provided assistance to the Libyan rebel, and sent millions of dollars in arms, his men, and used his aircraft against Gaddafi's supporters, as the country supports Salafi groups.

They expressed concern and frustration that they call a deep political vacuum, believing that the situation in Libya is harmful and dangerous to national unity. In their view, the new legislative authority should be established as soon as possible, while the National Transitional Council proposes to postpone the multi-party elections in 2013.

The men believe that hardly any of the armed insurgency in the near future will lay down their arms. One participant said: «I will not give up their weapons at me and my friends, is the hiding place where I keep many things, including MANPADS. I'll leave them at home as long until I am convinced that the new government truly serves the people. »

The guys were discussing who will command the new national army, and that the choice of a new chief will not be easy, which may even lead to internal armed conflicts.

They mentioned the fact that Gaddafi is still a lot of supporters, both in Libya and throughout Africa, and suggested that the newly formed supporters Gaddafi "Front for the Liberation of Libya» Libya Liberation Front) in the near future may become the main driving force. Guys have suggested that the best way out would be negotiating with LLF, although the Obama administration and NATO has consistently for the past eight months, imposed a veto on any negotiations with the regime of Gaddafi. My interlocutors acknowledged that the March negotiations between the Libyan government and the rebels could have prevented the tragedy that has unfolded over the next seven months.

A week after this conversation, the browser has received additional confirmation of what was said from reliable sources, it was confirmed that between 10 to November 16, 2011, 28 countries have received from NATO headquarters NATO statement, which said that if any embassy from NATO receive a visa application from any citizen of Libya's embassy statement is required to freeze. Within 24 hours the embassy must send a copy of the application, as well as one or two attached to the document image, the Interpol for possible release of a «red notice» that would mean arrest and imprisonment of a complainant in custody pending a decision on the case of the National Transitional Council, taking into account request for extradition. According to sources in Tripoli, the initiator solution was Abdel Hafiz Gogh NPC deputy Libya. This project clearly demonstrates NATO that the alliance had not yet ceased its aggressive actions against Libya, and that NATO illegally deported refugees in the country where they will have to appear before the court. At the moment, international organizations, human rights are silent on this project.

One of the victims, with whom yours truly recently met outside Libya must November 27, 2011 to appear at court hearing in Brussels as a witness for the prosecution. NATO accused of the murder of a family of Khalid Hamidi Sorman, Libya. Family home was destroyed by three U.S. bombs MK-83 weighing 1,000 pounds each, and two missiles. According to NATO (whose lie is not confirmed by any evidence), the reason for these actions was the fact that the house was killed by the family, allegedly, command-control center Gaddafi supporters, and in the last 7 months, NATO has destroyed 49 more like this alleged «command and control centers ». June 20, 2011 during the NATO bombing killed:

Pregnant wife Hamed al-Safa and their young sons and a daughter polutoragodovalaya Khaled, a six-year nephew Salam and 13 other friends and family members who all slept in the house after the festivities in honor of the third day of his son's birth and Safa Hamed.

Meanwhile, on November 15 in the U.S. Congress Senators John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Marco Rubio, Senate Bill 317 supported the promotion of the armed forces of NATO and the U.S. for its «outstanding courage and professionalism.»

When the rising sun Small cracks spread to the horizon, our group dispersed. Alone I walked the streets of Sirte destroyed empty buildings, which was not visible even stray cats. Stunned by what they told me, «insurgents» at night, and the similarity of their views with the views of supporters of al-Gaddafi, with whom I spoke this summer in the western part of Libya, I was in a complete daze.

I wondered: «Good God, what if all these months, NATO stoked Libya in its own blood?»

The sinister moon rose over the Gulf of Sirte Great.

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