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From Twitter, Thursday, 10-11-2012

6:31 PM - @MFA_Russia: Lukashevich: Contrary to the bilateral consular convention, #Turkey did not allow Russian diplomats to meet with the 17 Russian passengers

9:36 PM - @RT_russian: "Мы не везли ничего подозрительного" - бортинженер задержанного Турцией сирийского самолета (ВИДЕО) youtube.com/watch?v=w19Zv5…

9:39 PM - @KulturaTV: Утверждена программа развития образования до 2020 года goo.gl/fb/ynbbj

9:40 PM - @LandDestroyer: US #NATO #Turkey's decision 2intercept civilian jet is an act of war against #Russia #Syria - UN silence is fatal blow 2international law

9:40 PM - @Revival2012: Turkish People clearly and strictly protest this UNLAWFUL sinister act against Syria and Russia.

9:43 PM - @les_politiques: There is an admission in this article that #Syria opposition was weaponised in 'the earliest days of revolt' foreignaffairs.com/features/lette…

9:43 PM - @RT_russian: Военное кольцо #США вокруг Сирии замыкается – материал @Gayane_RT (ВИДЕО) youtube.com/watch?v=2-f5K5… #Сирия

9:44 PM - @Soldatovich: Ziad Fadel is a poet! "Russia's red line is becoming darker, bloodier in color." syrianperspective.blogspot.de/2012/10/second…

9:44 PM - @RT_russian: #Греция предоставит убежище 20 000 сирийских беженцев (ФОТО) http://t.co/K0LBwTCI

9:45 PM - @RT_com: 'Oil & #Israel get US candidates elected' on.rt.com/f4ji4o @Gayane_RT

9:45 PM - @SyrianUragan: The Syrian Army has taken back Homs city after clearing Khalidiya district as the last stronghold of the FSA, success is ours. #Syria

9:46 PM - @RT_russian: #Украина возобновила программу по подготовке боевых дельфинов #новости

9:46 PM - @MFA_Russia: Lukashevich: Russia insists that #Turkey explains the reasons behind its actions regarding Russian nationals and precludes their repetition

9:48 PM - Bloody correct! :0) must change the whole paradigm. RT @WajdiHarb: The right to vote does not make (cont) tl.gd/jk2q88

9:49 PM - Bloody correct! :0) must change the whole paradigm.
"The right to vote does not make (cont) tl.gd/jk2qde

9:50 PM - @VictoriaGilad: #Turquía, la locomotora de la organización terrorista #OTAN contra #Siria: ¿Qué hay detrás del incidente con el avión? dlvr.it/2JGs34

9:53 PM - @Pravitelstvo_RF: Правительство обсудило организацию предоставления гос. и муницип-х услуг по принципу «одного окна».Поручения по итогам: bit.ly/RzhjSF

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