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From Twitter, Tuesday, 10-2-2012

6:58 PM - @PravdaRu: Французы сожгли цыганский табор: Европа любит кичиться своей толерантностью и мультикультурализмом, постоянно уп...

7:02 PM - @syriancommando: #Syria is not an Islamic country no matter how hard you pin it against us. We will burn the region all alone, enjoy it.

7:02 PM - @syriancommando: @WajdiHarb They should stay out of our business then and break off our alliance.

7:02 PM - @Didz1234: The terrorists in Syria use IEDs to kill soldiers from the Syrian Army, the exact same way they use them to kill Americans in Afghanistan.

7:03 PM - @Didz1234: I hate people with the French Mandate Syria flag on their profile they know what they are supporting? Extremism. Terrorism. Death.

7:04 PM - @Romneys_aDouche: Damn Syria's only friend is Syria it's starting to look like

7:04 PM - @syriancommando: No MiG has been shot down in #Bab city, it's just to improve terrorist's morale on the usual TV stations. #Syria

7:04 PM - @Didz1234: It's kicking off at the Turkey/Syria border. That vile creature Erdogan must be thirsty for blood as Turkish troops shoot across the border.

7:05 PM - @An0naym00se: Killing and allahu akbar #SalafiLogic

7:06 PM - @Romka44: @VlKantariya @vlkantariya @delyagin "Помоги стране - умри до пенсии". Девиз нашего государства, по-видимому.

7:06 PM - @syriancommando: Breaking News: #Ankara: We’ve opened fire on #Syria-n territories and killed two members of the #PKK. #ActOfWar

7:07 PM - @ozgulayse: Turkey's campaign criticized… "They should be careful a/ making moral claims w/ their museums r full of looted treasures

7:07 PM - @VictoriaGilad: #ReinoUnido: Movimientos sociales, políticos y sindicales británicos respaldan a #HugoChávez.

7:09 PM - @CustosDivini: #Nuclear terrorism drills in Russia attract 58 nations' #security forces… #news

7:12 PM - @VictoriaGilad: #Ecuador #RafaelCorrea a su arribo a #Perú para la cumbre del #Aspa (2octubre2012)

7:15 PM - @WajdiHarb: @syriancommando inshAllah they will both be as strong as ever and people will be visiting them daily

7:17 PM - @gi_syrian: Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA”…

7:18 PM - @ozgulayse: Western Powers Double Down on Syria’s Destruction… #Syria

7:18 PM - @breakingnewssy: UN: Syrian refugee numbers triples in 3 months #Syrian_refugees, #Zaatari_Camp

7:18 PM - @gi_syrian: SANA: some seized weapons near Aleppo Airport were 5 Kalashnikov rifles,5 pump- action rifles,an RPK machinegun,quiver waistcoats,

7:19 PM - @ozgulayse: "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those, who in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." – Dante

7:22 PM - Фуу RT @bigpictureru: "Каждую пятницу я в ..." Октоберфест 2012

7:22 PM - @charlesfrith: Prince Andrew and 'naked pool parties' at his paedophile billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein's house | Mail Online

7:23 PM - @VictoriaGilad: El #Mossad derribó avión de #Etiopía en #Beirut en 2010: Operación de sabotaje llevada a cabo por el Mossad #israel-í.

7:24 PM - @MKERone: Most #Hamas leaders have left #Syria to settle in Egypt, where their allies in the Muslim Brotherhood are in power / Traitors

7:25 PM - @RT_russian: Медведев: полиция #США открыла бы огонь на поражение за «свадебную стрельбу» (ВИДЕО)…

7:27 PM - @Soldatovich: Syrians are the Russians of the Middle East, I swear! Politically, militarily, and even when it comes to language...

9:48 PM - @RT_russian: Власти Британии могут остановить афганскую войну, но вместо этого спасают репутацию за счет солдат - британский парламентарий в интервью RT

9:49 PM - @TodayRussia: US fully abandons Benghazi

9:51 PM - @RT_russian: Британия столкнулась с проблемой «современного рабства», жертвой которого стали бездомные - репортаж Лоры Смит (ВИДЕО)…

9:51 PM - @Karol_en_Red: The order tp kill Gaddafi was given by Hillay Clinton. She admitted it on TV for posterity. The rest is #Elections crap. #Libya #Syria

9:57 PM - @AnonMadhatter: @Anon_Central Monsanto will now be using Libya as a hub for Northern Africas Mega Crop distribution.

9:57 PM - @3arabiSouri: Anybody still supported the fake revolution in #Syria after the 1st anti-riots policeman killed in #Daraa is either stupid or a traitor.

9:58 PM - @syriancommando: Hussein Nassif died in #Iran testing an advanced weapon, NOT in #Homs. #Syria

9:58 PM - @RT_russian: Сирийские повстанцы угрожают атаковать израильтян после свержения режима Асада - журналист Капил Комередди в эфире RT #Сирия #новости

9:59 PM - RT @RT_russian: Сирийские повстанцы угрожают атаковать (cont)

10:01 PM - @Somaliasupport3: opinion #Syria : Iran and russia will stick the course and call for some UN solution.. while blaming NATO for being impartial

10:02 PM - RT @Somaliasupport3: opinion #Syria : Iran and russia will stick the course and call for some UN (cont)

10:02 PM - @RT_com: Price of hate: Radical Israeli settlers vandalize Christian monastery

10:03 PM - RT @RT_com: Price of hate: Radical Israeli settlers vandalize Christian monastery #Израиль #ненависть

10:05 PM - @RT_com: Torn from the breast: Finns allow Russian mom only 1 visit per month with newborn

10:07 PM - @SyrianFortress: Atleast some non-#Syria-n Arabs appreciate the Syrian Arab Army martyrs that gave their lives for their cause.

10:08 PM - @Somaliasupport3: Opinion Iran: Recent Speech Ahmedinajad "Iran could help in bring stability to region that can be advantage to west" bloomberg interview

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