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From Twitter, Friday, 9-14-2012

4:06 PM - @maxkeiser: British and US embassies are being stormed around world AFTER BRITAIN made a mockery of diplomatic protocol with Julian Assange #BlowBack

4:13 PM - @bigpictureru: Как они это делают!? http://t.co/NkBtUkjy

4:16 PM - @RT_com: UPDATE: Shots fired as #Yemen police disperse angry crowds flocking to US Embassy, injuries reported on.rt.com/a7mb3y

4:16 PM - @RT_russian: #США сначала создали в Афганистане моджахедов, а когда те стали радикалами, стали бороться с ними - бывший пленник талибов в интервью RT

4:21 PM - @WajdiHarb: Would you rather die with dignity, or live with humiliation? #Syria is one of the strongest countries in the world and it has proved that

7:06 PM - @evagolinger: Opposition politician bribery scandal in Venezuela evidences corruption w/in anti-Chavez groups receiving foreign/unreported funding.

7:13 PM - @RT_russian: У посольства #США в Хартуме собрались сотни протестующих, полиция применяет для разгона демонстрации слезоточивый газ #новости

7:13 PM - @RT_com: (PHOTO) #Sudan policemen stand guard as demonstrators protest outside German embassy in Khartoum on.rt.com/rb1o19 http://t.co/KSt5yvKg

7:16 PM - @syriancommando: Salafists versus KFC: Whoever wins, we lose.

7:16 PM - @delyagin: Правительство Медведева бросает на "спасение" Газпрома миллиарды рублей. delyagin.ru/articles/38168…

7:20 PM - @burmatoff: аааа))) Гудков идет к метро! burmatoff.ru - а где он свою Q7 с незаконно установленными спецсигналами заныкал? на следующей станции?

7:23 PM - @Al_Baath_2012: @syriancommando I bet all treacherous Arab "nations" who wanted to unleash these dogs on Syria are now cursing their own existence X)

7:23 PM - @habooshay: I wish all these angry people who destroyed US embassies and the such destroyed them because the US destroyed their country, not over a film

7:23 PM - @RT_russian: RT @RTLondonBureau: У пос-ва США в Лондоне протестуют около 100 мусульман во главе с Анджемом Чудари и Абу Иззадином http://t.co/uwUcBk3K

7:23 PM - @SyrianSarina: "@BreakingNews: Protesters jump over wall into US Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia's capital, Reuters witness says - @Reuters"

7:23 PM - @VictoriaGilad: #Germany's war crimes in #Syria: Germany directed massacre of syrian soldiers in #Aleppo. bit.ly/RPu8pQ

7:26 PM - @SANA_English: The Times: Biggest Shipload of Libyan Weapons Heading to Armed Groups in #Syria

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