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From Twitter, Monday, 6-25-2012

2:35 PM - Одесситы воюют с оккупантами пляжей - Правда.ру pravda.ru/news/world/25-…

9:20 PM - @Soldatovich: New York Times: 3 new US bases built in Honduras. Official aim: war on drugs.

9:23 PM - @Soldatovich: Argentina, Brasil recall ambassadors to Paraguya as protest of Fernando Lugo's impeachment; Kirchner suggets expulsion from UNASUR, MERCOSUR

9:24 PM - @3arabiSouri: If supplying weapons to 'rebels' isn't a foreign intervention, what is?!



9:33 PM - @Jew4palestine: I wonder what history will say about about the neo-cons ? Did the Jewish community support them in Iraq?I twitpic.com/a0gbwl

9:34 PM - @presidentShazam: Open your eyes to the everyday miracles all around you. http://t.co/eTtuOKMh

9:34 PM - @MFA_Russia: Lukashevich: The United States has been and remains the world's largest human trafficking "importer"

9:34 PM - @MFA_Russia: Lukashevich: The aim of the U.S. report on human trafficking is to justify increased expenditure on solutions for human rights issues abroad

9:34 PM - @MFA_Russia: Lukashevich: The U.S. State Department’s approach to the report on global human trafficking is completely unacceptable

9:35 PM - @LardOfTheRings: For Ex: This fake activist @L_eela calling for #Syria regime change lives an elitist rich life with her Dad on US payroll working in Dubai

9:35 PM - @LardOfTheRings: All these online twitter/facebook activists wont go back to their countries where they want "regime change" with NATO help. What a farce !

9:35 PM - @jovanj777: Message to all Syrians that are for regime change. We had it here in Serbia, you will regret it !!!

#syria #libya

9:37 PM - @presidentShazam: Happiness is a mood not a destination. http://t.co/YPIofW9O

9:37 PM - @LardOfTheRings: Every single nation, where America has invaded & exported its Fake Democracy is now in a miserable state. Once rich, they are now very poor.

9:38 PM - @LardOfTheRings: #Exposed -- ME, Africa & Asia must ban all these NGOs which are propaganda & culture change arms of #Pentagon - WJWC

9:42 PM - @PravdaRu: Армянские оппозиционеры предлагают узаконить проституцию: Ереванские оппозиционеры и активисты предлагают легали... bit.ly/ND9sDP

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