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From Twitter, Tuesday, 5-29-2012

2:05 PM - @WRH_Mike_Rivero: The real Iran tinyurl.com/7mln2wb #iran

2:30 PM - Основатель ВКонтакте будет контролировать свое детище единолично - Правда.ру pravda.ru/news/economics…

2:32 PM - Инъекции можно будет делать без помощи иглы - Правда.ру pravda.ru/news/science/2…

2:34 PM - Певец Эдуард Хиль впал в кому после инсульта - Правда.ру pravda.ru/news/society/2…

2:39 PM - Сирия сделала шаг в ЕврАзЭС - Правда.ру pravda.ru/world/asia/mid…

3:18 PM - @RT_russian: Глава МВД Колокольцев обещает лично контролировать реакцию полицейских начальников на ЧП с личным составом #новости

3:18 PM - @syriancommando: #israel puts up its flag in Al Quds, Al Aqsa indicating it is victorious over the Arabs and Muslims. http://t.co/Y7tDwtrs

3:20 PM - @RT_russian: ЕСПЧ обязал Россию выплатить более 300 тыc евро отцу пятерых детей, убитых вместе с матерью в ходе бомбардировки в 2004 г. в Чечне #новости

3:20 PM - @__Mortzaq: Last night I was threaten by those armed gangs who follows abdu allah naker

3:20 PM - @RT_com: BREAKING: At least 9 dead as second powerful earthquake strikes Italy on.rt.com/uy986n #news

3:20 PM - @S0Syrious: We could all die at ANY MOMENT frm #Fukushima -yet U slow-minded, Shallow ppl think this WONT/cant happen.lol I hope it smears ur makeup off

3:21 PM - @bigpictureru: Люди в черном 3 http://t.co/39Ywjgme

3:22 PM - #RussiaToday now 100% propaganda against #Syria, inventing "pro-Assad Shabbiya" that (cont) tl.gd/hjujji

3:23 PM - @3arabiSouri: Leaks: #USA wants to cover #Houla massacre story after evidences surfacing of a western intel (CIA?) involvement& #FSA affiliated terrorists

3:23 PM - @ozyism: Australia ordering Syrian diplomats to leave within 72 hours | ozyism.com/2012/05/austra… | #Syria #Libya #Iran #Qatar #Australia #Afghanistan #RT

3:23 PM - @Partisangirl: Syria is not another one on the list. Syria is different and we will show this to the world.

3:24 PM - @Partisangirl: I AM so Sick and TIRED of people falling for this SHIT OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

3:24 PM - @syriancommando: 2 Helicopters are brought down in the #Afghanistan quagmire by the Afghan resistance.

3:24 PM - @zerohedge: JPM has sold $25 billion in securities to offset CIO losses reut.rs/KDcxkY

3:24 PM - @TheJayCalledLee: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Armed Terrorist Groups Committed Taldao, al-Shoumarieh Massacres sana.sy/eng/21/2012/05… #Syria

3:25 PM - @RT_com: French President announces expulsion of Syrian ambassador to France, says Paris will host Friends of Syria meeting in early July #news

3:26 PM - @syriancommando: Arabs may have the oil and gas, but #Syria my friends, has the matches.

3:26 PM - @RT_russian: За последние три с половиной месяца над Москвой чуть не столкнулись шесть самолетов - авиадиспетчеры #новости

3:30 PM - @LebaneseShabbi7: @syriancommando The all-famous AlHoula is in the outskirts of Homs,close to Lebanese border. However we have a Houla in Souty Lebanon.

3:30 PM - @Soldatovich: @syriancommando I know, Google the greatest spy agency ever! "Houla" is really Kafr Laha and Taldou together, it's not a city but a locality

3:30 PM - @Soldatovich: @syriancommando Also, Google maps changed Damascus street names as SNC asked. What's even worse, they don't call it Persian Gulf anymore!

3:31 PM - @syriancommando: Exposed: Google (#NSA) changed #Houla's name just in time to confuse massacre's locations. #Syria pic.twitter.com/H2YbQyyf

3:31 PM - @Soldatovich: @syriancommando Maybe they confused the two, and FSA was supposed to commit massacres in Lebanon...

3:34 PM - @TheJayCalledLee: Syria, Egypt, & Tunisia were secular but so-called "Arab Spring" meant an agenda - Saudi Arabia which is anti-pluralism remains unscathed

3:34 PM - @SyriaNews_cc: #Britain's propaganda ministry says #UK expelling 3 Syrian diplomats over civilian deaths. War criminal Cameron is back in town.

3:48 PM - @AnjumKiani: #MubeensLaw there are over 350K kids suffering from only autism in Pakistan. Please raise kids with love and care they don't need abuse

3:49 PM - there are over 350K kids suffering from only autism in Pakistan. Please raise kids with love and care they don't need abuse

3:52 PM - @Way2Wonderland: Police: Miami cannibal was overdosing on new, super-potent LSD bit.ly/K7TYYJ

3:52 PM - @Soldatovich: @syriancommando DIE DOLLAR DIE! youtube.com/watch?v=u2YlBb…

3:52 PM - @Way2Wonderland: Scientists discover virus that kills all grades of breast cancer within seven days bit.ly/K7Us0P

3:54 PM - @CaroChristie: 'The reality of the new #Libya: civil war, squandered resources, and societal collapse.' bit.ly/JinkhG Military re-conquest of Africa

3:55 PM - @GoldCore: Bank of England prepares plans for euro collapse:



3:55 PM - @3arabiSouri: By God's grace & swift reaction of #Syria army another massacre was avoided today 5am when terrorists raided a Christian village near Qusayr

3:56 PM - @3arabiSouri: Watch the difference in #Libya during #Gaddafi times & then after #USA brought them #Democracy

#Egypt #Yemen #Syria http://t.co/jvT4Yns7

9:25 PM - @VladoSlim: @syriancommando exact same thing happened in kosovo, done by turkish doctors, with Israel as the final destination (illegal organ capital)

9:26 PM - @Diana_82_: The parents of imprisoned children demand to see their children. They demand that their children are treated as human beings.#Libya #Tripoli

9:27 PM - @Diana_82_: Some r shouting that the children should be released as they r innocent&have been arrested without cause or abducted in the middle of night

9:28 PM - @Diana_82_: New mess in LIbya: 200 work permits+visa to Bangladeshi claimed forged. Innocent holders deported. NTC+Libya mafia turn Libya to chaos

9:28 PM - @Diana_82_: Elections in Libya shall be delayed - Libyans always predicted that this will happen. #Libya

9:28 PM - @RT_com: New Face of Terror: FBI creates bogeyman out of Occupy on.rt.com/skdjy7

9:28 PM - @Diana_82_: Illegal organ trade booms 4thmedia.org/2012/05/29/ill…

9:29 PM - @Hey_Joud: The Syrian army took full control of the city of Atareb in #Aleppo countryside. Tens of terrorists were arrested and killed. #Syria

9:29 PM - @SyriaNews_cc: Feltman-terrorists have made also a mistake in the presentation of the children syrianews.cc/syria-terror-o…

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